Transportation engineering

Training objectives: transportation and logistics information and features of transportation planning and automobile application engineering of transportation engineering related electronic comprehensive knowledge structure, management, vehicle and road training, after graduation in the national and provincial and municipal development and reform, transportation planning and design, transportation management, public security and insurance sectors, large and medium-sized transport logistics and automobile services companies engaged in road transport industry, such as traffic safety and accident prevention and control, transportation, information technology, traffic control and management, traffic planning and design, road and traffic engineering design, project evaluation, transportation organization and management, road monitoring, transportation, marketing and management, modern logistics and supply chain management, automobile service engineering, automobile detection and diagnosis technology and the scientific research work.

Professional content: this kind of professional in intelligent transportation system, transportation, traffic engineering, information engineering, electrical engineering, systems engineering mainly dry subject, the main contents include: basic knowledge of engineering and management and economic and other professional technology; Intelligent transportation system, traffic engineering, transportation and car using the basic theory; Transportation system planning and modern logistics engineering technology; Basic knowledge of transportation information engineering; Traffic control, transportation, economy and organization and management technology; Automotive design theory and automobile service engineering; Transportation planning and traffic control management, transportation and logistics system planning design and the practice of automobile marketing and auto detection diagnosis skill.


Major courses (group) : operations research, computer courses, engineering mechanics, mechanical design basic course group, systems engineering, traffic information technology basis, electrician and electronic technology, the transportation economy, computer network and database series, automatic control theory foundation, automobile structure and principle, road engineering, automobile service engineering, traffic engineering, transportation, automobile application engineering, intelligent transportation system, traffic planning, traffic management and control, modern logistics, transportation, security, car design basis, etc.


Employment and further studies: this major for master's, doctorate award, in 2012 to study at home and abroad the proportion is 47.92%, graduate employment rate is 93.75%. Graduates facing the national and provincial and municipal transportation planning, transportation management departments, public security and insurance sectors, highway management and operations department or the relevant enterprises, large and medium-sized transport logistics and automobile services enterprises, mainly engaged in the transportation planning and design, management, control, information, security and evaluation, transportation organization and transportation management, transport safety, logistics, supply chain management, automobile service engineering, automobile detection and diagnosis technology and the scientific research work.


System and award degrees: this four years of professional eductional systme, awarded bachelor's degree in engineering.


Characteristics description: Beijing university of science and technology type of undergraduate talent training is set in vehicle transportation and the backing, cultivate people - car - road environment system, traffic safety, road transportation and logistics, road traffic planning and design, intelligent transportation systems, such as automobile service engineering talents.

Release date:2015-05-05