Industrial engineering major

Training objectives: training to adapt to the development of modern manufacturing industry and producer services industries, engineering practice ability and innovation ability of the senior technology talents. By cultivating graduates not only have the knowledge of engineering and technology, and with management skills, can in engineering and services within the field of system planning and design, operation and management, quality control, technical innovation and project management, performance evaluation and other aspects, has a broad employment environment and good personal development prospects.

Professional content: includes two directions: industrial operation training direction from the perspective of system, by the people, materials, equipment, information and energy integration system consisting of elements such as design, planning, forecasting and evaluation; Study the process of production of various factors on productivity, product quality and cost; Improve the operational efficiency, reduce operating costs, ensure the quality of modern management methods; Cost effect analysis training direction from the perspective of the development and production enterprises, with innovative design management, technical efficiency evaluation, and other means, to the enterprise product development to the production operation management and assessment, attaches great importance to the efficiency and the unity of the whole life cycle cost.


Main courses (group) : including operations research, applied statistics, the modern mathematical optimization theory; Including engineering drawings, engineering design, engineering mechanics, electronics and machinery manufacturing engineering, engineering knowledge class group; Including simulation technology, the management information system design, computer application course group; Including enterprise management, technical economics, professional basic course group; Including ergonomics, quality engineering, logistics engineering, production operation and management, modern industrial engineering, professional class group (industrial operation training direction); Including project management, economic management law basis, accounting, assets evaluation, performance analysis, professional class group (cost effect analysis training direction).


Employment and further studies: a master or doctor degree award, in 2012 to 51.22% study for a graduate student at home and abroad. Graduates for large and medium-sized allows foreign manufacturing enterprises, organs of state management in modern enterprise operation management, engineering and logistics system design, planning, evaluation, project management decision-making and the application of the computer management system such as ERP, MRPII, equipment cost effect analysis and so on. 2012 graduates employment rate was 97.56%, 97.56% of which in the international big companies, has a good development prospects.


System and award degrees: the four years of professional eductional systme, awarded bachelor's degree in engineering.


Characteristics description: relying on the excellent teaching team, advanced teaching methods, rich teaching resources, improve the talent cultivation system, oriented to the international first-class level, training has found the problem and solve problem ability, knowledge acquisition and self-learning ability, sharing with the team cooperation ability, discovery and innovation ability of high-level and innovative talents, in the service of high-end management, manufacturing, consulting decisions such as national key demand of traditional industry and strategic emerging industries, etc.

Release date:2015-05-05