Mechanical engineering, 080201 (the original "mechanical engineering and automation")

Training objectives: adapt to the need of the national construction and development of science and technology, culture, intelligence and physique full scale development, with scientific literacy, engineering quality and humanities cultivated manners, have the professional knowledge in the field of mechanical engineering, research and application ability, innovation consciousness, organization and coordination ability, engineering practice ability, with international vision, can in the field of mechanical engineering, national defense science, technology and industry engaged in product design, manufacturing and production management of the senior engineering and technical personnel.

Professional content: this is the ministry of education and professional features of Beijing, electromechanical integration products and processing, automatic test equipment design, development and modern manufacturing technology of related basic theory and professional knowledge as the main teaching content, to teach students in mathematics, mechanics, mechanical and automation of solid basic theory knowledge at the same time, pay attention to train the ability of production practice and scientific experiment.


Major courses (group) : computer courses, engineering mechanics, mechanical design courses, electrician and electronic technology, control group and test, mechanical manufacturing engineering, computer and nc, electromechanical integration, system design, CAD/CAM principle, mechanical manufacturing equipment design, required courses and the advanced manufacturing technologies such as theory analysis, hydraulic transmission, quality control, manufacturing economy, mechanical design and manufacturing enterprise management, project management and other kinds of elective courses.


Employment and further studies: this field due to mechanical manufacturing and automation, mechanical and electrical engineering, aerospace manufacturing engineering, and other secondary discipline, has a master's, doctorate degrees, and is equipped with mechanical engineering disciplines post-doctoral mobile stations, studying at home and abroad in 2012 to 54.44% graduate students, graduate employment rate is 100%, mainly in the military-to-civilian, military, aviation, aerospace, weapons, electromechanical and related scientific research institutes, enterprises and institutions engaged in the development of products and production equipment and design of scientific research technology, products and production process of processing quality guarantee and economy analysis, technology management and the work of the government department, is the most stable employment, employment face one of the most popular professional.


System and award degrees: the four years of professional eductional systme, awarded bachelor's degree in engineering.


Features: this major has a long history, from the school was yanan natural sciences, mechanical engineering section is one of the earliest established professional school, in order to cultivate a large number of outstanding talents for the development of national construction. Is a national professional characteristics, in the ministry of education excellence engineers education training plan; On mechanical engineering professional development level of the national key disciplines, such as machinery manufacturing and automation level 2 key discipline of Beijing city, the key discipline of national defense and the national characteristic professional discipline, academic strength, high teachers' professional quality, academic atmosphere, provides high quality training undergraduates with full guarantee.

Release date:2015-05-05