Energy and power engineering

Combined closely with the training goal: the car engine and related fluid machinery industry needs, a solid training, combination of technology and comprehensive quality, strong engineering practice ability and innovation ability, the development potential of top-notch innovative professional and technical personnel.

Major contents: this major consists of two professional direction (students choose) : automotive internal combustion engine and fluid machinery and engineering, mainly for automotive internal combustion engine and related fluid machinery to carry out the teaching and students' ability training. Mainly involved in internal combustion engine combustion organization and design, exhaust purification, vibration and noise suppression, the electronic control and management, pressure matching, and automotive gas turbine design, mechanical design and other professional impeller.


Major courses (group) : mechanical design course group, engineering mechanics, engineering materials; Electrical and electronic, automatic control theory; Fluid mechanics, engineering thermodynamics, heat transfer; Internal combustion engines professional course group (include: internal combustion engine structure, principle, design, testing, and an overview of the vehicle, the internal combustion engine booster, exhaust purification, detection and maintenance, etc.); Fluid machinery specialized group (include fluid, principle, mechanical structure design, principle of gas turbine and impeller mechanical automatic adjustment, etc.); And modern design method, mechanical vibration, power machinery and electronic control, engineering design class group (including: performance simulation, structural simulation, thermal fluid simulation, simulation) courses, etc.


Employment and further studies: this major is based on a subject has a master's, doctorate awarded, with post-doctoral mobile stations, study for a graduate student at home and abroad in 2012, 54.39% of graduates employment rate of 96.49%, mainly in automobile, engine, energy engineering, aviation, fluid, fluid machinery and other related scientific research institutes, enterprises and other relevant units engaged in scientific research, development, engineering, management, etc.


System and award degrees: the four years of professional eductional systme, awarded bachelor's degree in engineering.


Characteristics: focusing on automotive internal combustion engine to carry out the teaching and scientific research, is a typical machine - heat - electricity - flow cross fusion model professional. This specialty for miit key, with the remaining outstanding engineers education training plan, the ministry of education depends on the subject is the national key disciplines. To student's innovation ability, practice ability and independent research ability has a special training plan and training requirements.

Release date:2015-05-05