Armored vehicle engineering

Training objectives: with the demand of armored vehicles and other related industries, develop a solid and comprehensive quality, strong engineering practice ability and innovation ability of top-notch innovative personnel, has engaged in theoretical research in the field of weapon science and mechanical engineering, engineering design, product development, teaching and management ability.

Professional content: armored vehicle design and manufacturing technology; Vehicle drive system technology; Military vehicle electronic information technology; Military robotics.


Major courses (group) : computer courses, engineering mechanics, mechanical design basic course group, electrician and electronic technology, mechanical vibration, fluid mechanics, automatic control theory foundation, tanks, modern vehicle test, hydraulic and hydraulic transmission, such as compulsory course and all-electric tank armored vehicles, vehicle driving, military robots technology, vehicle automatic shift technology, vehicle simulation technology, vehicle suspension technology, vehicle integrated electronic information technology and courses.


Employment and further studies: this field is to award master and doctor degree, and is equipped with post-doctoral mobile stations, studying at home and abroad in 2012 to 47.83% graduate students, graduate employment rate is 100%, mainly in military vehicles, automotive, aerospace, engineering machinery and related industry research institutes, enterprises and other relevant units engaged in technology and management, etc.


System and award degrees: the four years of professional eductional systme, awarded bachelor's degree in engineering.


Characteristics description: this is the first military vehicles in the national colleges and universities teaching and research of undergraduate major, the first to be included in the ministry of education excellence engineers education program, complete, advanced teaching and scientific research conditions, system integration technology in armored vehicles, vehicle transmission technology, automatic shift technology, vehicle suspension technology in the areas of research in the domestic leading position.

Release date:2015-05-05