080207 vehicle engineering

Training objectives: training has social sense of responsibility and the engineering professional ethics and possess solid knowledge of natural science such as mathematics, mechanics and the good humanities and social science literacy, systematically master the necessary basic theory and vehicle engineering expertise, with international vision and international communication and cooperation ability and strong engineering practice ability and innovation consciousness, the master of the whole car, main components, electronic control and information technology, electric vehicles and other modern cars, can be engaged in product development and design in the field of vehicle engineering, manufacturing, testing and engineering professional and technical personnel of scientific research.

Professional content: the specialty is the national famous brand, with automobile chassis, body and electrical equipment design, manufacture, test and research as the main content, including: automobile overall argument, product planning and design, analysis and test; The design of car body structure and body modelling and research; Auto electronic control and information technology; Auto manufacturing process; The new energy automotive technology.


Major courses (group) : computer courses, engineering mechanics, mechanical design basic course group, engineering material basis, electrician and electronic technology, fluid mechanics, mechanical vibration, automatic control theory, motor internal combustion engine, automobile, automobile chassis control technology, automotive body structure and design, auto test, electric drive technology, power electronic base, etc.


Employment and further studies: this field is to award master and doctor degree, and is equipped with post-doctoral mobile stations, studying at home and abroad in 2012 to 62.89% graduate students, graduate employment rate is 100%, both in machinery, automobile and related industry research institutes, enterprises and institutions and technology center is engaged in the research, development, trade and management.


System and award degrees: the four years of professional eductional systme, awarded bachelor's degree in engineering.


Characteristics description: this is the first vehicle in the national colleges and universities teaching and research of undergraduate professional, to be included in the ministry of education excellence engineers education program, complete, advanced teaching and scientific research conditions, pay attention to the engineering practice ability, emphasis on scientific and technological innovation ability, improve the ability of social adaptation is the professional characteristics.

Release date:2015-05-05