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Established in 1940, Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) holds a prominent position among universities in China. It was among the first batch of universities to be included in prestigious national initiatives such as the "211 Project", "985 Project", and the "Top A World-class University". 

Global Recruitment System 

BIT has adopted a recruitment system called the "Tenure-track Professor—Tenured Professor—Dedicated Professor," which is in accordance with international academic standards and aligns with the university's strategic goals. It is currently conducting a global recruitment campaign to attract senior academic fellows and young scholars from around the world.

Dynamic Faculty Development Mechanism

BIT has plans to establish innovation research centers and young scientists' studios to support talent development. These initiatives will ensure that researchers and scholars at BIT have the necessary resources to excel in their fields and promote innovation and scientific advancements. The allocation process involves individualized discussions and provides support according to specific needs, ensuring full autonomy and stable support for researchers.

(17 national teaching/research experimental platforms; 75 provincial and ministerial level teaching /research platforms; 23 school-level public platforms)

Sufficient Welfare and Benefits

1. BIT offers substantial start-up grants for scientific research, tailored to the specific needs of each position. These grants prioritize support for laboratories and offices, team building, and the enrollment of doctoral and master's students, taking into account the actual teaching and research requirements. 

2. BIT follows high academic standards when recruiting talent, offering internationally competitive salaries with long-term salary progression opportunities.

3. BIT provides housing subsidies based on corresponding positions and offers assistance in finding temporary housing.

4. BIT assists new faculty members in securing places in schools or kindergartens for their children.


Dedicated positions: outstanding professors, chair professors and distinguished professors

· Academic leaders with exceptional academic achievements;

· Internationally recognized accomplishments in their respective research fields;

· Ability to keep up with or exceed the international academic frontier, and be proficient in leading an academic team in key areas of study.

Tenured positions: tenured professors and tenured associate professors

· Renowned as a prominent academic in their respective fields;

· Notable achievements and recognition among their peers;

· Demonstrated potential for innovation and continued development. 

Tenure-track positions: tenure-track professors, tenure-track associate professors and tenure-track assistant professors

· Holders of a Ph.D. degree from globally renowned universities with a strong academic background and notable accomplishments;

· Candidates for tenure-track professor positions should not exceed 38 years of age;

· Candidates for tenure-track associate professor positions should not exceed 35 years of age;

· Candidates for tenure-track assistant professor positions should not exceed 32 years of age. 

Postdoctoral researcher

· A Ph.D. degree obtained within the past three years, demonstrating a strong academic background and a strong potential for innovation and development;

· Candidates should have the ability to conduct research independently;

· Age should be no more than 35 years old.

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Postdoctoral researcher

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