BIT students secure third place in 2023 James Dyson Award of Chinese mainland division


BIT's design team from the School of Design and Art take a group photo.

The James Dyson Award (Chinese mainland division) announced its top three winners. Beijing Institute of Technology's design team from the School of Design and Art, led by Sun Bowen, secured the third place with their project "Innovative Design of Portable Stroke Detector." The team members were Pan Wenjuan, Zhang Zekun, Kang Mingyu, Wang Yixuan, Lou Zihan, Song Bowen, Wang Yirui, Zhang Hanwen, Li Mei, Fei Yingjie, and Cao Jinyun, under the guidance of Sun Bowen and Liu Heng. 

Their work focused on smart healthcare design and was developed in collaboration with the School of Information and Electronics. The product offers a portable testing solution for stroke patients, utilizing multi-frequency non-uniform background microwave imaging technology, and artificial intelligence algorithms. It is designed for pre-hospital diagnostic scenarios, such as ambulances, enabling quick diagnosis, medication, and monitoring. The design prioritizes user experience and ergonomics, incorporating a user-friendly grip and lift method and a visually appealing design approach. The gentle and calming design language aims to reduce patient anxiety during treatment, effectively reducing rescue time and improving treatment efficiency.

This award is also the School of Art and Design's first in this competition. Next, the project will compete for the international grand prize along with the other outstanding work from the 29 other competition divisions.

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