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Food served at BIT

The food at BIT lives up to its reputation, and has not only attracted countless BITers, but has also been praised in a TV series.

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Breakfast on the first floor of the North Canteen and the first floor of the South Canteen are similar. At both locations students can get steamed stuffed buns, wontons, Chinese pies, deep-fried dough sticks, porridges and soybean milk. There are also meat pies, wontons and dumplings on the third floor of the North Canteen. PS: instant noodles and pancakes are available in the North Canteen and South Canteen.

The breakfast in the Muslim Canteen includes pumpkin pies, glutinous rice balls and barbecue cold noodles.

Lunch & Dinner 

· The North Canteen

(1) Location: The North Canteen, with an excellent location, is situated in the golden area surrounded by the Jing Garden, the Library and teaching buildings.

There are three floors of the North Canteen. The first and second are common dishes areas, and attract numerous teachers and students for their tasty home-style dishes.

The third floor is for special dishes, including Xianghe meat cakes, Chongqing noodles, chilly pots and Wushan roast fish, which are appetizing for their delightful fragrances.

(2) Price: On the first and second floors, dishes of vegetables are usually less than 3 yuan, and dishes of meats are usually about 5 yuan; on the third floor, the food runs about 15 yuan per dish.

(3) The flavor and the taste: the dishes on the first and second floors are slightly salty but partially sweet. However, there is a special area for food with less oil and salt, which can provide more delicacies. In addition, the dishes on the third floor could be defined as a special cuisine.

(4) Others: Due to the larger flow of people on the first floor, lining up to pick up your orders may take more time.


 Chilly pots served at BIT

· The South Canteen 

(1) Location: The South Canteen is situated in the middle of the Liangxiang Campus, which is more remote but covers a large area.

The South Canteen has three floors. The first floor is for common dishes. The second floor is available for teachers and faculties, with rice-flour noodles and normal noodles in the north. The third floor, called Flavor Canteen, attracts numerous teachers and students for its special delicacies, such as Beijing roast duck, curry shrimps, and boiled fish with pickled cabbage and chili.

(2) Price: The same as the North Canteen.

(3) The flavor and the taste: Compared with the North Canteen, the dishes are not too salty or sweet. Besides, there are also small hot pots on the third floor, which feature spicy soup, mushroom soup, tomato soup, clear soup and curry.

(4) With a lower flow of people and larger area than on the first floor, the dining environment is very comfortable.

The Muslim Canteen

(1) Location: The Muslim Canteen is situated in the middle of the Liangxiang Campus.

All of the students can go there for a meal. Only a few windows are for common dishes, others are for dishes including chilly pots, teppanyaki and spaghetti.

(2) Price: The price of common dishes is almost the same as that of the first floor of the North Canteen and the South Canteen, and the prices of its special dishes is almost the same as that of the third floor of the North Canteen and the South Canteen.

(3) The flavor and the taste: These dishes are so delicious!

(4) The Muslim Canteen has a smaller area but a larger flow of people.

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