BIT project honored with first prize in science and technology by CIESC

The 2023 annual meeting of the Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China (CIESC) was held in Guangzhou on Nov 28. 

The project "Innovative Research on Crystal-Induced Growth Control of MOF Separation Membrane's Molecular Transfer Channels," led by Professor Zhao Zhiping of the Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT), was awarded first prize in the category of basic research achievements by the CIESC.

This marks another national scientific and technological award achieved by Professor Zhao Zhiping, following the "Outstanding Teaching Achievement Award" (2022) and the title of "Outstanding Teaching Team" (2021) awarded by the China Education Association of the Chemical Industry.

The project's main contributors include team members Xu Lihao, Mao Heng, Feng Yingnan, Li Shenhui, Wang Tao, Zhang Aolyv, Cai Weiwei, Sang Le, and Wang Yujie from Sinopec (Beijing)’s Research Institute of the Chemical Industry.


Poster of award winners

Supported by the National Natural Science Foundation's key program, this project creatively proposed the concept of "design, preparation, and performance regulation of multi-level membrane structures," utilizing crystal-induced growth to regulate the construction of mixed-matrix membranes dominated by MOF. 

These membranes feature efficient dissolution-diffusion microchannels suitable for VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and small gas molecules.

The project developed a theoretical framework for the design of multi-level microstructures in new membrane materials for chemical molecular separation, formulated scientific methods for controlling and preparing membrane properties, and established a pilot-scale membrane production equipment for MOF-based membrane materials, along with technological developments for applications.

Introduction of the project leader:

Professor Zhao Zhiping is the director of the Institute of Chemical Engineering at the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of BIT. He is also a responsible professor for the discipline of chemical engineering and technology and a national first-class undergraduate major. He leads the Advanced Functional Membranes and Membrane Processes team.

Additionally, Zhao serves as the chairman of the Board of Directors of the Beijing Membrane Society and is an editorial board member for "Advanced Membranes," and "Membrane Science and Technology," among others.

As project leader, Zhao Zhiping has received several awards, including first prize in science and technology from the CIESC (2023), second prize for outstanding teaching achievements in petroleum and chemical education nationwide (2022), and the title of outstanding teaching team in petroleum and chemical education nationwide (2021).

His research focuses on biomass and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), with the goal of efficient conversion and separation of biomass and high-efficiency treatment of water and gas.

Over the years, Zhao has been engaged in research on the design and preparation of new functional membrane materials, biomass conversion and separation processes, the design and development of novel membrane reactors, and related application demonstrations.

As project leader, he has presided over more than 10 national key research projects, including key and general projects of the National Natural Science Foundation, national key research and development projects, and projects at provincial and ministerial levels.

Zhao has published over 100 SCI-indexed academic papers in top international journals such as Science, AIChE J, J. Membr. Sci., Chem. Eng. J., Chem. Eng. Sci., Ind. & Eng. Chem. Res., Sep. & Purif. Tech., Desalination, and J. Mater. Chem. A, and holds more than 10 authorized invention patents.

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