BIT invites global talents to apply for Outstanding Youth Science Foundation Project


The Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) is sincerely inviting global talents to apply for the 2024 Outstanding Youth Science Foundation Project (Overseas)!

Project Introduction 

The 2024 Outstanding Youth Science Foundation Project (Overseas) aims to attract and encourage outstanding young scholars (including non-Chinese foreign talents) who have made good achievements in natural sciences, engineering, and other fields to work in China. 

Application Requirements

Applicants should:

(1) abide by the laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China and have good ethics in science; 

(2) be born on or after Jan 1, 1984; 

(3) hold a doctorate degree; 

(4) conduct research mainly in natural sciences or engineering technology;

(5) before April 15, 2024, have no less than three years of continuous research or teaching experience outside China at a prestigious university or R&D institute (Exceptions will be given to applicants who have obtained doctor degrees overseas with extraordinary research achievements);

(6) have research or technical achievements recognized by peer experts and have the development potential to become academic leaders or outstanding talents in their fields;

(7) not have full-time work in China or returned to China to work after Jan 1, 2023, and should be willing to work full time for at least three years in China with no other jobs overseas;


01 | Compensation and Benefits

Basic annual salary of over 500,000 yuan (US$70565.8);

The university pays social security, occupational annuities, and a provident fund of approximately 120,000 yuan per year;

Performance bonuses at the end of the year, plus income from research and social services (uncapped);

A dynamic salary growth mechanism.

02 | Resource Allocation

Appointed as an associate professor (tenured), doctoral supervisor;

Provide special quotas for postdoctoral, doctoral, and master's students, and provide sufficient office and laboratory space;

Provide work assistants or allow scholars to build their own academic teams.

03 | Research and Development

Provide research start-up funds of 2-6 million yuan (including national support);

Provide postdoctoral positions and research positions for team members every year;

Throughout the growth and development process, the university and secondary institutions will provide personalized guidance, full-time tracking, and comprehensive support.

04 | Living Guarantee

Provide a living allowance of 2.5 million yuan (including national support);

Talents of Chinese nationality can obtain official residency status in Beijing;

Provide transitional move-in accommodation; 

Enjoy free medical care, and children enjoy high-quality education resources at all levels provided by the BIT.

Application Materials and Contact Information 

Please send your application materials to the email addresses of respective teaching and research institutions and cc the High-level Talent Office email: Please indicate "Name + 2024 Outstanding Youth (Overseas)" in the email subject.

High-level Talent Office of Party Committee Teacher Affairs Department/HR Department 

Contact Persons: Ms. Cai/Ms. Xia: 

Tel: 010-68914243, 010-68914546 


Institute of Science and Technology 

Contact Person: Ms. Liu

Tel: 010-68913590 


  • Zhongguancun Campus:

    No 5 Zhongguancun South Street, Haidian District, Beijing
  • Liangxiang Campus:

    No 8 and 9 Yards, Liangxiang East Road, Fangshan District, Beijing
  • Xishan Campus:

    No 16 Lengquan East Road, Haidian District, Beijing









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