BIT holds 2024 Spring Festival Reunion Gathering

The Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) hosted the 2024 Spring Festival Reunion Gathering on Jan 23. 

University leaders, academicians, heads of various departments, deans, and Party secretaries of various colleges, as well as representatives of retirees, students and teachers, gathered together to celebrate the new year and discuss the future development of the university.


University leaders send greetings to retirees. [Photo/]

Zhang Jun, secretary of the CPC BIT Committee, stated that in 2023, the university achieved significant progress in its undertakings, with breakthroughs having been made in key areas, demonstrating confidence and vitality, which is both inspiring and uplifting.

Zhang extended greetings to retirees, faculty, students, and staff who have worked hard and made progress. Additionally, he conveyed sincere thanks to the alumni at home and abroad, who care for and support the university.

BIT President Long Teng noted that 2023 was an extremely important year in the history of the university. The university achieved new breakthroughs in national-level teaching awards, secured funding for the largest national-level research project, and added two new academicians. 

Furthermore, the university's annual addition of nationally-recognized talents had exceeded one hundred people for three consecutive years. Its ranking in the Shanghai Ranking rose to 129th in the world, and its disciplinary international influence had significantly improved. The BIT was the only domestic university to host a thematic forum during the United Nations Digital Economy Week.


A view of the 2024 Spring Festival Reunion Gathering [Photo/]

Representatives, including Shi Xiaogang, a 2009 undergraduate from the School of Information and Electronics, Zhao Lutao, a teacher from the School of Management and a Beijing Teaching Excellence Award winner, Xie Haoxuan, a 2020 student from the School of Automation and a member of the university's promotional team, and retired faculty representative Professor Fang Jiazhou, former secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Management, shared their perspectives on "The BIT in My Eyes."

During the reunion ceremony, representatives of students and faculty presented a variety of splendid literary and artistic performances.


International students perform a dance from the Pacific island nations, the "Hula Dance," showcasing exotic charm. [Photo/]


The traditional instrument performance of "Chasing the Moon in the Colored Clouds" highlights the charm of excellent traditional Chinese culture. [Photo/]


International students sing the song "Loving Each Other," creating a festive atmosphere for the Chinese New Year. [Photo/]

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    No 5 Zhongguancun South Street, Haidian District, Beijing
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