2,000 experiments lead to research results paper published in Nature

Liu Jinjin, a doctoral student majoring in condensed matter physics at the School of Physics of the Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT), has been making strides in the field of topological quantum materials, and has more than 10 SCI papers bearing her name. 

She has co-authored papers in international SCI journals such as Nature, Nature Communications, and Physical Review Materials.


Liu Jinjin [Photo/english.bit.edu.cn]

In 2020, Liu pursued her doctoral studies under the guidance of Professor Wang Zhiwei, a rising star in the field of quantum material crystal growth. 

Based on Liu's research foundation and the current trends in condensed matter physics, Professor Wang instructed Liu to focus her research on the growth and study of cage-structured superconducting materials. 

By growing single crystal materials with different doping concentrations, they aimed to control the transition temperature of superconducting materials.

After 2,000 comparative experiments, Liu successfully prepared single crystal samples with the highest superconducting transition temperature under ambient pressure, providing excellent conditions for testing the band structure of superconducting materials.


Liu Jinjin (second from the right) in a group photo with the research team [Photo/english.bit.edu.cn]

Subsequently, Liu's team collaborated with scholars from domestic and foreign universities and research institutes to explore the superconducting energy gap structure of cage-structured superconducting materials, advancing the industry's understanding of the microscopic mechanisms of superconductivity and laying a theoretical foundation for the study of superconducting materials at room-temperature.

In April 2023, this research achievement was published in Nature.


The relationship between dopant concentration and the transition temperature of superconductivity and charge density waves [Photo/english.bit.edu.cn]

In her spare time, Liu engages in activities such as badminton and swimming. 

Additionally, she actively participates in volunteer activities, serving the public at events such as Physics Public Science Day, the 13th "Challenge Cup" National College Student Entrepreneurship Competition, and the National Finals of the Entrepreneurship Plan Competition.

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