In 1939, in order to promote industrial production in the border areas of Shanxi, Gansu and Ningxia and ensure the victory of the war of resistance, the CPC Central Committee decided to establish the Institute of Natural Sciences in Yan'an. In the spring of 1940, it was changed to Yan'an Academy of Natural Sciences.

  In January 1946, the Yan'an Academy of Natural Sciences was renamed Jinchaji Border Industrial College and moved to North China to run schools.

  In April 1946, according to the needs of the development of the situation, the College of Engineering of Northern University was established in Jinjilu Border Region. In October 1948, the Jinchaji Border Industrial College merged with the North University Institute of Technology to establish the North China University Institute of Technology to train industrial cadres and technical talents with new skills and skills and good management skills.

  In August 1949, North China University of Technology moved to Beijing and was placed under the leadership of the Heavy Industry Department of the Central People's Government to serve the construction and development of heavy industry, and train senior engineering cadres with theoretical links to reality, master modern scientific and technological achievements, and serve the people wholeheartedly.

  In September 1950, the Ministry of Education of the North China People's Government decided to merge the headquarter of China University of France and the three departments of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry into the North China University of Technology. Founded in 1920, China-France University is a well-known university established earlier in China. Its addition greatly strengthened the strength of the school.

  On November 18, 1951, the Ministry of Education of the Central People's Government renamed the North China University of Technology College as the Beijing Institute of Technology. Since January 1, 1952, the new school name has been adopted.

  On April 2, 1988, in order to meet the needs of the school's transformation from a single engineering college to a comprehensive university with a focus on engineering and a combination of science, engineering, management and literature, Beijing Institute of Technology was renamed Beijing Institute of Technology.