Logo and Interpretation

  School emblem is surrounded by BIT’s Chinese and English name. The Chinese name of “Beijing Institute of Technology” is written by Zhao Puchu.


School Emblem

  The logo of the school emblem center is intended to "cultivate talents and peace", and at the same time displays the humanistic atmosphere of the energetic campus. The logo is rooted in the traditional culture of Chinese education. The overall shape of the logo is a big tree, which expresses the concept of education by "cultivating people". And it implies pillars,person of great ability and tremendous potential.

  The development of national defense science and technology is the mission and also characteristic of the school. It’s not for the sake of war, but for the sake of safeguarding the country and peace. At the bottom of the sign is a brave eagle, flying high and turning into a dove holding an olive branch at the top, implying that peace is based on our own strength, and peace loving is the eternal pursuit of the school.

  The logo takes big trees and white dove as its shape. The main color of the logo is green, highlighting the humanistic atmosphere of BIT. And the soaring dove symbolizes the continuous progress and development of the school.

  The Baotas mountain and Yanhe bridge under the logo and the words 1940 indicate that Beijing Institute of Technology(BIT) originated from the Yan'an Academy of Natural Science founded by the Communist Party of China in Yan'an in 1940.