Members of the Standing Committee of the Party committee

Li Hezhang


  Li Hezhang

  Standing Committee Member of the Party Committee & Vice President

  Born in Shandong Province in 1961, Li received his bachelor’s (1986) and doctoral(2006) degrees in Engineering after his graduation in Material science and engineering from Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT).  He joined the CPC in July, 1982. Prior to becoming vice president, Li served as the secretary of the Communist Youth League and the member of the CPC of the Office of Teaching and Research from May, 1986 to September, 1988, the vice secretary of the CPC and the vice chair of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, BIT from September, 1988 to November, 1994. Li was appointed as the head of the Dept. of Undergraduate Student Affairs and the Dept. of Veteran Service and National Defense Education in November 1994, head of the Dept. of Undergraduate Academic Affairs in October 1996, assistant to the president in December 1999, part-time head of the Office of Logistics and the Office of Liangxiang Campus Administration. Li was appointed the vice president in March 2006 and the member of CPC Committee in April 2007.

  Li has received numerous honors, including the third-class prize of the State Ministry of Machinery Industry, the first-class prize and second-class prize of Beijing’s Educational and Teaching Achievements, the second-class prize of National Educational and Teaching Achievements, the third-class prize of Science and Technology of Defense, the Excellent Work Award for Young Teacher of the Ministry of Mechanical and Electronic Industry, the Excellent College Educators of the National Defense Science and Technology Commission. Li has been the executive manager of the Higher Education Research Academy of China, the chairman of Quality Education Research Branch of the Higher Education Research Academy, the member of the first, second, and third Steering Committee for Cultural Quality Education of the Ministry of Education and the member of the Instructional Steering Committee for Weapons Major.