Visiting BIT

Location of BIT

1.Zhongguancun Campus

The location of the school's Zhongguancun campus:

       The Zhongguancun Campus of Beijing Institute of Technology(BIT) is located at No. 5 Zhongguancun South Street, Haidian District, Beijing (Postal Code 100081). The school's Zhongguancun campus is adjacent to Zhongguancun South Street in the east, Weigongcun Road in the south, Suzhou Bridge Street in the west, and the North Third Ring Road in the north. With the central part of Zhongguancun National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, it has unique conditions for running a school.

  The Zhongguancun campus of BIT covers an area of 1063 acres, and is surrounded by a ring road. You can take the subway line 4 Weigongcun Station directly to the east gate of the campus.

  Bus around the school: The school's east gate has route 320 (Beijing West Station-Xiyuan Junction Station), route 332 (Summer Palace-Zoo Junction Station), route 651 (Xizhimen-Liulin Village), route Te 4 (National Defense University-Qianmen) route Te 6 (Beijing West Railway Station-Hanjiachuan South Railway Station), route Yuntong 105, route Yuntong 106, route Yuntong 205, and route 209 (night bus) buses; there are route 563 at the south gate and route Yuntong 103 buses at the north gate; route 323, 367, 26, 422, Yuntong 201, Yuntong 101, and route Te 8. Buses have very convenient transportation.


2、Liangxiang Campus


       BIT Liangxiang Campus is located in Liangxiang Higher Education Park. You can take the subway Fangshan Line to get off at Liangxiang University Town Station or Liangxiang University Town North Station, and change to a regional bus or school shuttle bus to arrive. Self-driving cars can take the G4 Expressway Liangxiang Airport exit to Gongchen Avenue,Liangxiang Middle Road,Liangxiang East Road to reach the campus.

  Bus routes between Zhongguancun Campus and Liangxiang Campus:

  (1) Take route 658, route Te 8 (outside), route Yuntong 201, route 323, route 617, route 968, route 374, route 103 to Liuliqiao North, transfer to route 616 to Gongchen North Street, and then change Take Liangxiang Ring route 1 or Liangxiang route 34 to Liangxiang Campus.

  (2) Take route 74 to Liuliqiao East, transfer to route 832 (Flyover-Liangxiang Weiye Home) to Liangxiang Campus

  (3) Take Metro Line 4 to National Library Station, transfer to Metro Line 9 to Guogongzhuang Station, and then transfer to Fangshan Line to Liangxiang University City North Station. Walk or take a shuttle bus to Liangxiang Campus.


3、Xishan Campus

       Xishan Campus of BIT is a scientific research experimental area, the address is 16 Lengquan East Road, Haidian District, Beijing.