Book Donations Policy

Book Donations 
Beijing Institute of Technology Library welcomes donations of books, manuscripts and other documents from faculty members, students, and alumni in BIT as well as from the public. The library has the right to decide whether the donated items be added to the collections according to the library's documents collection policies. Once collected, donations become the property of the library and will be added to the library's collection to support our teaching and research activities at the university.
Donation Criteria 
1. Donations should only be in printed versions and have relevance to the establishment of disciplines, teaching and research of the university.
2. Donations without collection values or of improper contents will not be accepted.
3.  Items that are not in our collections or are good supplement of our collections are most welcome.
4. Donationed books should be of suitable physical standard and up-to-date to be added to the collections. They should also have certain academic and application value.
5. Pirated and other illegal publications are not accepted.
6. Donations should be made in appropriate amount and less than 5 copies are encouraged. 
Ways to donate
1. Bring the books directly to the Literature Resources Center of Beijing Institute of Technology Library during opening hours.
2. Donate the books to the library by post with an obvious indication of "BOOK DONATIONS" on the package. The relevant information is as follows:
Address: Literature Resources Center, Beijing Institute of Technology Library, 5 Zhongguancun South Street, Hai Dian District, Beijing. 
Postcode: 100081
Contact: Ms. Wang
3. When it seems advisable, library staff can make a personal visit to the donor to take the gift material(only in Beijing ) at 8:00-11:30 or at 13:00-16:30 on Monday to Friday(except legal public holidays).
What if we can’t accept your donations?
Once received, donations become the belongings of the library. The library has the right to dispose of such gifts that do not meet our collecting standards or alternatively to send the books to other recipients. 
Donation Consultation
To learn more about the library’s collection needs and avoid making repeated donations, please contact the Donations Coordinator Ms. Wang at 010-68913410-605, or on by providing the information of donations and donors. Our staff member will reply in time and make arrangements.
Donation Reception
Recipient: Literature Resources Center, Beijing Institute of Technology Library 
Donations Coordinator: Ms. Wang
Address: 5 Zhongguancun South Street, Hai Dian District, Beijing.
Postcode: 100081
Telephone: 010-68913410-602