Museum of History

An Introduction of History Museum of BIT

  Founded in 1940, Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) was established in the midst of anti-Japanese warfare and at a time of national crisis. Its predecessor, the Academy of Natural Sciences, is the first university of science and technology founded by the Communist Party of China and the first national defense industry university in the era of new China. Known as the cradle to cultivate "the red defense engineers", it has created many "firsts" in the history of science and technology in new China. "Yan'an Root and Military Soul" have always been the spiritual impetus and cultural core of the school construction and development. From "Anti-Japanese War and Saving the Nation" during Yan' an school-running period to "Serving National Defense and National Construction" after the founding of the People's Republic of China, the history of BIT is a successful practice of Marxist in China and building higher education with Chinese characteristics as well.

       The History Museum (New Building) of Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) was completed in September 2017, and the new hall is located in the south of the second floor of the main building of the National Defense Science and Technology Park on Zhongguancun Campus. With a construction area of 3,000 square meters, the exhibition of the museum covers the history of the university, its situation and scientific and technological achievements. The History Museum is divided into the Preface Hall and eight exhibition halls. The exhibition halls, in chronological order, display a large number of precious historical materials such as objects and photos. Designed with detailed display boards and texts, they are supplemented by multimedia displays in many parts, linking the history of BIT development in a historical context. Upon the completion of the new museum, and thanks to one year of planning and preparation, the National Defense Science and Technology History Achievements Exhibition was successfully carried out in September 2018. It presented the main research results and contributions of the university in the field of national defense science and technology from the 1950s to the 1990s in the form of objects, pictures and introductions, which was successfully dedicated to the school's 78th anniversary, thus becoming an important part and characteristic exhibition part of the History Museum.

       As the spiritual home of all BIT people, the History Museum has become a platform for displaying and learning the history of the university, and it is also an important cultural landmark of the university. Since its opening, the History Museum has received various groups of visitors, including visits from leaders from all walks of life, alumni returning, orientation training for new teachers, new party members training and visits, and so on. In order to better display the school history and tell each visitor about the past, the History Museum has set up a special team to explain the school history, which has been well received by the vast number of visiting groups. By the beginning of 2020, the History Museum had received more than 40,000 visitors.

       Amid the anti-Japanese bonfire and the nation in peril, it was established with great efforts; passing to the North China, the fire is passed on to the next generation so as to accumulate strength; after being relocated to Beijing for development, it has been tempering, and determined to national defense; with the persistent education, the talents are cultivated for the top performance. The History Museum of Beijing University of Science and Technology (BIT) will continue to pass the history to generations, open up new sources of strength, and make contributions to the "double first class" construction of the university under the guidance of Xi Jinping's thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in new era.