Life in Liangxiang Campus, BIT—Sports Facilities

Life in Liangxiang Campus, BIT—Sports Facilities


Taking the educational goals of “high ideal, profound academics, strong physique and tranquil mood”, BIT advocates students to take more exercise, and various kinds of sports infrastructures are built in Liangxiang campus, which are not only the teaching places of physical education, but also the important places for students to do exercises and enjoy entertainments in their leisure time.

Being laid with artificial turf, the Track-and-Field Ground has a 400-metre track and a soccer pitch that can be used as the standard site for elven-player soccer, and can be also divided into two small-scale fields. The standard track, the favorite of running enthusiasts, is bustling with activities in the morning and evening, and many students playing diabolo, skipping rope and shuttlecock there. There are also grandstands in this Track-and-Field Ground, in which, sports meetings, school opening ceremony, military training and some large-scale cultural and sports activities can be held. In addition, it can provides evening lighting service to 22 p.m..

BIT owns several basketball courts in the both north and south campuses of its Liangxiang Campus. On the south side of the Track-and-Field Ground in the south campus, there are 8 standard basketball courts which witness the different kinds of competitions. Besides, basketball fans enjoys playing with each other to sharpen their skills there. In this area, BIT has also built a multi-functional basketball court, with a circular stand design and evening lighting service to 22 p.m., which not only offers convenience for the audience to watch the game, but also provides practice fields for roller skaters. In order to facilitate the students to do sports, BIT has also built basketball courts in the north campus in the Ginkgo Forest by the North Lake. 8 standard courts with lighting equipment can meet the sports needs for the students, and provides students with a unique and beautiful sports environment.

6 tennis courts and 3 volleyball courts built beside the basketball courts in the south campus, which are essential for college sports facilities, can be used for free. In addition to the centralized sports facilities, a number of badminton courts are built between dormitories; table-tennis tables are installed in front of the hospital and next to the canteen in the south campus; and fitness equipment is set between the Building B and Building C of Shutong Garden.

The most distinctive sports ground is the footpath around North Lake which is 1,050 meters’ long with beautiful environment. It has already become the choice of many students for the dual-satisfaction of sports-doing and scenery-appreciation. What’s more, the Long Distance Race held every year along the lake has become brand event.

A healthy body is the vital guarantee for life and study in college. Students should pay more attention to health and exercise and enjoy the sunshine every day!