Life in Liangxiang Campus, BIT—Transportation

Life in Liangxiang Campus, BIT—Transportation


As the new campus of BIT, Liangxiang Campus is located in Liangxiang, Fangshan District, which enjoys beautiful scenery and is suitable for peaceful study. Nowadays, the rapid development of municipal construction can facilitate the transportation for the teachers and students in Liangxiang Campus.


School scheduled-bus for the round trip of the two Campuses

As “Dual-Campuses” operation mechanism is adopted, BIT provides school scheduled-bus service for teachers and students. The bus is large-sized with 50 seats, and the round trip usually takes about 1 hour. A single trip costs 6 yuan that is paid by BIT campus card. The bus stops in Liangxiang Campus are at the north of the Chemical Experiment Building in the south campus and the east of the Hospital in the north campus, and the stop in the Zhongguancun Campus is at the south of the Comprehensive Service Building in the western dormitory area. Moreover, the school scheduled-bus follows the departure system strictly.

There are 18 shifts with 22 buses in service from 6:40 to 21:40, Monday to Friday, and at the quitting time on Friday, another 2 shifts will be added from both of the Campuses. On weekends, 3 shifts with 6 buses in the morning, at the noon and in the evening are in service from each Campus. During summer or winter vacation, 2 shifts with 4 buses are available. For detailed information, please refer to


Beijing Subway for integrate in to Beijing quickly

The school scheduled-bus brings convenience for the transportation between the two Campuses, and the best way to integrate in to Beijing quickly is to take Beijing Subway. Around the Liangxiang Campus, there is Beijing Subway Fangshan Line, which cover 24.79km including 21.45km elevated line and 2.79km underground line, and transfer can made at the Guogongzhuang Stop. At present, Beijing Subway, with developed network, could help you get to all the railway stations and airports, and parts of the long-distance bus stations in Beijing. In addition, it is the suitable way for the students to go to the popular sites.

In order to reach the subway station more quickly and conveniently, school shuttle bus service is provided, whose stop is located at Xu Teli Library in the north campus. The running time is from 6:30 to 22:40 once every 20 minutes, but the period from 11:05 to 11:35 and from 17:05 to 17:35 is the dining time for drivers.

Except the above two modes of transportation, trip by bus is also available. Bus Loop Line 1, whose stop is at the school gate of Liangxiang Campus, can be taken to get to Liangxiang Town where you could do some shopping and transfer to other places by Bus Line 616 (with a stop of Beijing West Railway Station) or Bus Line 901 (with a stop of Liuliqiao).

Warm tips: please keep in mind that safety is of vital importance for students. No matter when and where, please obey the traffic laws and regulations!