Introduction of Hospital of BIT


  Hospital of BIT (Community Health Service Center, BIT) is a Beijing upper third-class hospital founded by BIT, which is responsible for the basic medical and public health services for all teachers and students in Zhongguancun Campus, Liangxiang Campus and a small number of community residents around the school with the service population is about 50,000.

  Founded in 1953, the Hospital of BIT was rated as an upper third-class hospital by Beijing Municipal Health Bureau in 1996, was approved as a community health service center in 2002, and was approved as the Medicare designated hospital of “basic medical insurance system” in Beijing. Now, there are over 80 staff with staffing of government-affiliated institutions, contract, external employees and rehire after retirement.

  The Hospital has several business departments of Medical Department, Surgical Department, Infectious Diseases Department, Traditional Chinese Medicine Department, Gynecology Department, Ophthalmology Department, Otolaryngology Department (ENT), Stomatology Department, Psychiatry Health Care Department, Nursing Department and Pharmacy Department, 3 functional offices of Affairs Office, Medical Office and General Office, and some auxiliary examination departments of Radiology Department, B-ultrasonic Room, Electrocardiogram Room and Laboratory Department. Besides, it also has Outpatient Department in Liangxiang Campus.

  Recently, focusing on the construction of “double first-class”, the Hospital earnestly implements the instructions of BIT on the construction of service guarantees, and promotes the development and construction of itself in an all-round way. In addition, adhering to the concept of patient-centered and service-oriented development, and pursuing the guiding principles of one center (health-centered), two basic (basic medical and basic public health services), three aspects (for all staff, students, and some residents of the jurisdiction), four services (changing service concepts, correcting service attitudes, enhancing service capacity, improve service level), five constructions (party style and clean government, system, team, business and cultural construction), it has implemented a series of service innovation measures to continuously improve the overall service level and service capabilities of the hospital, and actively strive to provide warm and quality services to the majority of teachers and students.

Outpatient Department of Liangxiang Campus

  Located in the North Campus of Liangxiang Campus and affiliated to Hospital of BIT, Outpatient Department of Liangxiang Campus was founded in 2007, which is a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment institution integrating medical treatment, health education, preventive health care and administrative management, and is responsible for the basic medical service for more than 10,000 teachers and students in Liangxiang Campus.
With the continuous development of Liangxiang Campus, the number of outpatients has increased year by year, with an annual outpatient volume of about 16,000. The diagnosis and treatment services of the Department includes the diagnosis and treatment of various common diseases and frequently occurring diseases, the prevention and management of infectious diseases in schools, the emergency treatment of public health emergencies, the physical examinations for the enrollment and graduation of students and various sports competitions, the 24-hour medical security service during military training, and the health education and psychological consultation of students. Besides, it often carries out various forms of activities related to disease prevention and health education.

  The Outpatient Department has several departments of General Practice Clinic, Specialist Clinic, Medical Technology Department (Examination, radiation, electrocardiogram and ultrasound, etc.) and Pharmacy Department, which can carry out intravenous infusion treatment, atomization inhalation therapy, various injections, treatment of various surgical wounds, dressing change, blood collection and first aid, etc.. In addition, there are 10 observation beds to provide isolation places for teachers and students suffering from infectious diseases. On every Saturday, experts from other hospitals are invited to the Outpatient Department to make diagnose and treatment for teachers and students suffering from mental illness. In order to further improve the prevention of AIDS among our students, cooperation is made with Center for Disease Prevention and Control, Fangshan District, Beijing, to place HIV antibody test kit vending machines and free device dispensing machine in the hall of the Department.


The working hours of the Outpatient Department of Liangxiang Campus:
Monday — Friday: 8:00 — 20:00
Weekends and holidays: 8:30 — 16:30
Summer/winter vacation: Closed
Tel: 010-81382538

For any relevant healthy problems, please contact: