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With Clear Water and Grass, the Fragrance of the Green Trees, the Clean Lights, and Everything is Ready. Liangxiang Campus Waiting for Students from All Over the Country.

  A corner of Liangxiang campus of Beijing Institute of Technology

  On August 24th, the 2018 freshmen from all over the country will gather at the Liangxiang Campus of Beijing Institute of Technology to start a new stage of life.

  In order to better welcome the arrival of freshman, the Liangxiang Campus Management Office has launched a series of projects to improve students’ learning and living environment from the beginning of July to the end of August. From the cleaning of teaching buildings to the hygiene of apartments, from the upgrading of classroom facilities and equipment to the maintenance of dormitory beds, from the lighting of campus loop lights to the construction of public leisure areas for teachers and students, from the grass and trees on the campus to the lake and water, various all-round and three-dimensional guarantees have been carried out.

 Teaching Buildings

  The water heaters in student apartments and teaching buildings have been updated with filters for pre-purification facilities, and more than 170 sets were replaced in early August to ensure the quality of drinking water for teachers and students;

Classroom facilities, including blackboards, tables and chairs, ceilings, air conditioners, lights have been overhauled, and nearly 1,000 sets of equipment have been updated and replaced to ensure teaching conditions;

  Corridor lounge area of the comprehensive teaching building
Atrium cafe in the comprehensive teaching building
Newly painted façade of the comprehensive teaching building

  The painting of the corridor of the comprehensive teaching building and the complete replacement of the handrails of the staircase will brighten the lighting of the stairwell and bring a new look to the new semester

▲The construction of the teacher's posthouse has been completed

  9 teacher posthouses have been renovated, an outdoor rest area in a comprehensive teaching building corridor has been constructed, and more than 10 leisure discussion areas in classrooms of the science teaching building have been arranged, which laid the foundation for teachers and students to enjoy learning life more warmly.

  Campus Environment

Flower sea of the Danfengyuan
30,000 square meters of flower seeds have been spread to reproduce the seascape of flower sea of the red maple trees and create a beautiful living environment in Danfengyuan;


  Vigorous green grass. 4000 square meters of grassland on the west side of the Science Teaching Building, and the lawn of the school training square;

Reconstruction of Beihu stacked water landscape
Reconstruction of Beihu Lotus Pond

  "BIT" in the playground greening

  Public facilities

  1,000 shared bicycles, mainly in student apartments and teaching buildings have been introduced, to facilitate the transportation of teachers and students;

Ring-shaped Road Street Light (Daytime)

  Night lighting of the ring-shaped road

Boya Garden Triangle Pool Lighting
Jungle Yayuan Solar Light

  The brightening and updating of road lights in campus loops and key areas have been completed, and more than 200 sets of energy-saving and environmentally friendly LED street lights have been replaced to ensure safe travel at night;
Functional areas
Restoration of the small fountain of the square pond in the Science Teaching Building

Restoration of the water body landscape in the atrium leisure area of the library

  Restoration of the waterbody landscape of the campuses, including the library atrium, square pond in the Science Teaching Building, Boya Garden Triangle Pond, to enhance the campus's sense of scenery;

Update of auditorium equipment 
Update of lecture hall equipment 

  The facilities and basic environment of the performing arts hall, lecture hall and concert hall have been updated, and the new equipment is more convenient to operate and energy-saving;

  The firefighting and security facilities of the campus have been renewed and replaced, increasing the monitoring coverage of the campus, to fully guarantee the safety of teachers and students;

A cultural square for college students' associations has been built, to provide a centralized activity place for student associations, and create a cultural distribution center for the Beijing Institute of Technology; (rendering)


A model room of Jingyuan B bathroom 
In order to improve the environment of student apartments, the A/B public areas of Danfengyuan have been painted in a centralized manner, which improves the bathroom environment. A model room of the bathroom has been constructed, to create a warm environment for students;

The "bathroom revolution" of the teaching building has been carried out, formulate detailed cleaning requirements, add ground mats, install sewer outlets, etc. to ensure sanitary conditions.

  School gate

Three-dimensional flower bed at the school gate

BIT bridge

Damaged roads, walls and facades have been repaired, some landscape lights, lighting lights have been replaced, underground pipelines, heating pipelines, etc. have been repaired, to ensure the safety of infrastructure operation;

  The various projects of the summer construction in full swing are coming to an end. Although more than 50 days of continuous non-stop, we strive to use practical actions to present a thriving campus scene for teachers and students studying and living in Liangxiang Campus. It is our greatest relief to make teachers and students satisfied and let parents are at ease.

  Cute animals in BIT

The cute black swan of Beihu
Beihu koi carp
Beihu Geese

  On August 24, Liangxiang campus is waiting for all teachers and students while being covered with green trees, lush grass, beautiful flowers, sparkling, koi carps, swans spreading wings, new buildings, clean windows, complete facilities, superior quality and vitality!