Student Life

Social Worker Commune


    BIT (Beijing Institute of Technology) Social Worker Commune aims to propagate the importance of social work and raise the level of volunteer work in BIT. It was set up in March, 2014, under the strong support from the school and the student alike.
    Furthermore, the commune endeavors to not only volunteer work, but also the work of raising student’s awareness of responsibility and spirit of giving back to the society. 

    Last but not least, if you are interested in helping others and all the volunteer work, you are totally welcome here.
    P.s. Main events held and done by the club:
    1. Yearly selection of excellent volunteer.
    2. Program aiming to help the needy individual.
    3. Program aiming to help the needy social group.
    4. Self-improvement through commune group discussion.
    5. Day of Commune Culture.