Student Life

BIT Heilongjiang Society

    BIT (Beijing Institute of Technology) Heilongjiang Society is an organization that propagates Heilongjiang culture, food and other unique things about Heilongjiang. 
    Over the years, the society has held many interesting events such as basketball match, Heilongjiang cuisine tasting, skiing training, standup comedy training, etc.
    Actually, as long as you are interested in the culture of Heilongjiang, you are more than welcome to join in.
  If you have any more question, you are free to contact us on QICQ (1009142611) or follow us on RenRen (北理黑龙!)
    P.s. Departments of BIT Heilongjiang Society:
    1. Editing department for information collecting and editing.
    2. Propaganda department for image building.
    3. Office department for finance, planning, and events organizing.
    4. Network department for online propaganda.