Student Life

Wind Poetry Club

    The Chinese poetry has always been a diamond in human history. The Wind Poetry Club in BIT is providing you with a chance to get to know it more.
    Although the association just started this year, members of the club have full respect to poetry and endeavor to feel the beauty of poetry. Join them and enjoy the ancient beauty.
    “Time and time again, I searched for you in the crowd. Suddenly, I spun round and saw the very you standing amidst thin lights.” 
    “If life is beautiful as you fell in love with me at first sight, why do I complain about the feeling of being abandoned?” 
    Join us. Learn from the poetry, learn from the beauty.
    P.s. If there is any question, contact us on QICQ (987931102 or 1043049120) or by telephone. (Tel: 13264222986 or 18669029722)