Student Life

Up Association of BIT

    Up Association endeavors to help students get up early in the morning so that they won’t miss the class and actually perform better during the class. It’s popular around the campus because it’s doing a nice job and a lot of students receiving help do better academically. For your information, Up Association consists of four departments, namely publicity department for poster making and news spreading, liaison department for contacting and events planning, information department for information collecting and organizing, and program department for activities organizing.

    P.s. Main events held and done by the club: 
    1. Program “Wake Up!” (Two persons make a group, either same sex or not, helping each other get up early by calling or other methods.)
    2. Program “Morning reading” (Led by a student, a bunch of students start the day with reading out loud in the early morning.) 
    3. Other plans. (Morning jogging, breakfast party, breakfast delivery, etc.)
    If there is anything unclear or any great suggestion, please email to