Student Life

House of Life

    House of Life started in 2010,aiming at serving students and providing students with a platform to communicate the future of life science and technology, the overbroad program and the job opportunity concerning this field. 
    The club is developing rapidly and becoming better and better through the development and exploration. If you are enthusiastic about the club, you are more than welcome to be one of us!

    P.s. Main events  held and done by the club:
    1. Life Salon (Asking famous researchers to address lectures about the newest programs and technology.)
    2. Brief Go-through (Inviting great academics to give a brief introduction about the future development of the major.)
    3. Irregular Counseling Course (delivered by the upperclassman.)
    4. Irregular visits to laboratory, enterprise relating to medication.
    5. Setting up a magazine “The Window of Life” (Invovling foreign articles reproduced and news about life sciences)