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Journalist Association of BIT

Journalist Association of BIT


  Journalist Association of BIT (Headquarter), hereinafter referred to as JA, is a school-level student organization directly subordinate to the Propaganda Department (News Center) of the Party Committee of BIT, which assists in the news publicity and cultural construction of BIT under the guidance of the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee. With the aim of focusing on campus events, serving teachers and students, disseminating information and imparting and inheriting culture, JA’s core task is to serve school-level news publicity platforms such as the official new media matrix, news network, school newspapers and TV station as well as cultivate the backbone of students’ news publicity.

  JA has the Presidium and the Secretary General (guide teacher), and has student organizations including BIT TV Station Student Team, BIT WeChat Official Account Studio, BIT Image Processing Center, Jinggong Shiguang Studio, Foreign Language News Agency and JA Office. Besides, there is BIT Photography Association——the only photography interest club under Image Processing Center. In addition, JA will cultivate special guide teachers for each organization.


BIT TV Station Student Team

  BIT TV Station, approved by BIT, is a school-level organization directly subordinate to the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee of BIT, which is responsible for the collection, distribution and preservation of daily image media resources, the production of various thematic images and the operation and maintenance of TVs in the canteens, closed circuit TVs in family area and the network TV.

  The TV Station has Anchor Department and Imaging Department, and once planned and produced brand columns such as “Collection the Rhymes of the Campus”. Based on its broadcasting backbone team with outstanding capabilities, it has actively carried out the broadcast of large-scale student activities of BIT including School Opening Ceremony, Daxuedao Evening Party, Shenqiu Singing Competition and Host Challenge Competition. Besides, the TV Station has also actively organized various events such as the Vlog contest. Focusing on serving the core news publicity platform, the BIT TV Station Student Team enjoys the largest camera, post stage and broadcast equipment in the student organization of the whole school with the support of BIT, which provides students with abundant learning and practice opportunities.

  1. Anchor Department: responsible for the TV news program interview, broadcast and post editing; the records of campus news and interviews, writing and editing of push manuscripts; and the planning and editing of campus culture feature films and publicity videos.

  2. Imaging Department: responsible for the shooting and editing of campus news videos and pictures; and the shooting and editing of TV news reports, campus culture feature films and publicity videos.

  3. Broadcast Group: responsible for the spot recording of large-scale campus activities; and make preparation for the live program content for campus network, BIT official Bilibili, campus IPTV and other platforms.

  To go through stories about love with a group of interesting and lovely partners, to scan the campus with images, to record BIT with video works, to capture the highlights with sincere heart! Welcome to BIT TV Station!


BIT WeChat Official Accounts Studio

  BIT WeChat Official Accounts Studio mainly serves the BIT official new media matrix including the WeChat accounts of “Beijing Institute of Technology” and “iBIT” and the official QQ of BIT.

  The Studio consists of Collection and Editing Department, Design and Arts Department and Photography Department. Adhering to the tenet of “brainstorming, propagating and serving the campus”, the Studio gives full play to the characteristics of new media propaganda and creativity, and carries out the work under the guidance of the teachers.

  1. Collection and Editing Department: responsible for the collection and creation of various publicity documents including people’s dialogue and interview, news clue tracking and reporting, new media copywriting and text manuscript editing, which is a good platform for students who are full of interest in writing, have solid writing skills, and have a certain writing style to make improvement.

  2. Design and Arts Department: responsible for the art design and new media format production including graphic design of paper publicity materials, logo and clothing design, new media format editing (mainly on WeChat official accounts) and creative art design, which is a good platform for students who have good aesthetics, are interested in art design and master certain design methods and operations to make improvement. (Notes: please take your own high-performance design workstation (computer) which will facilitate the work.)

  3. Photography Department: responsible for the photography and image processing for new media content creation including propaganda photo photography, portrait photography, special technology photography (delay photography, axis shifting photography, aerial photography, etc.), and post-processing and editing. (Notes: certain photography experience is required, and camera and video player are necessary. Sometimes, the lens and other resources will be provided according to the needs for creation.)

  We are a group of people who are united, diligent, earnest and lively, with a common goal to spread campus information and follow up campus hot spots, and a pursuit to let more BITer know and let more people see. “To keep a sincere heart, to do a push manuscript, and to realize the media dream”! Welcome to BIT WeChat Official Accounts Studio!


BIT Image Processing Center

  Since the 1950s, BIT has already started a comprehensive system recording of campus images, and has formed its exclusive image repository, which is one of the core media repositories for school publicity and cultural heritage.

  Being devoted to the construction of image gallery platform, BIT Image Processing Center is mainly responsible for the recording, shooting and creation of major campus activities, features, buildings, landscapes and humanistic images. As the core department of school’s image creation and collection, the Center is planned to build a professional student photographer team on campus. It will provide resource support including venue and equipment, and provide major activities, social practice, in-depth campus shooting and creative resource support for the team, as well as professional learning, visit and research and other learning opportunities. In addition, the Center will carry out long-term photographer recruitment through normal recruitment, selection, creation competition, and work invitation.

  (Notes: certain photography experience is required, camera and video player are necessary, and the abilities of using high-level photography creation equipment and image post processing are needed.)

  Using the lens to record the key moment of campus, and writing your own thinking into the tremendous image of BIT!


BIT Photography Association

  BIT Photography Association is a student organization for photography enthusiasts under the guidance of the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee of BIT, where enthusiasts could cultivate interests, learn skills and exchange experiences. The Association actively integrates the campus photography resources and strength, focuses on the campus, and organizes and carries out plenty of photography creation activities such as “BIT Excellent Photography Competition”. Besides, its special exhibition of “BIT Photo and Film Competition”, which is held every year, has become a representative cultural brand of BIT.

  We record reality and glory by our cameras. We capture the history and even the subtle beauty between lights and shadows. We will always the smiles, tears, loves and emotions in mind. We are the narrators of “silence”. Welcome to BIT Photography Association! Join us to narrate much more beautiful stories of BIT.


Jinggong Shiguang Studio

  Jinggong Shiguang Studio, a student team for new media creation directly subordinate to the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee of BIT, mainly provides operation, creation and maintenance supports for BIT Official Tik Tok and Bilibili, which is an important force for new media publicity and short video creation. There are 4 teams of the Studio including Technical Team, Copywriting Team, Operation Team and Illustration Team.

  1. Technical Team: responsible for the shooting of photos and videos, and the post-video editing.

  2. Copywriting Team: responsible for the column writing, the daily copywrite publicity, the official accounts operation and the video pre-planning.

  3. Operation Team: responsible for the update for a daily post, and the operation and the maintenance of the platforms.

  4. Illustration Team: responsible for enriching video works with painting elements, drawing various posters, participating in publicity work, and creating the excellent videos based on painting.

  We will introduce you to the pre-shooting process and various post filming processes; we will accompany you to participate in the planning and scripting of various videos; we will provide you with advanced and sufficient equipment. Welcome to Jinggong Shiguang Studio!


Journalist Association Office

  Journalist Association Office (hereinafter referred to as the Office), subordinate to the Presidium of JA, is in charge of administrative affairs, sites and equipment management, public relations, event planning, member recruitment and training and year-end review. With BIT’s support and construction, the number of members and the scale of work sites and equipment are increased, which provides a good practice platform for the students who join the Office.

  The success of activities of JA is indispensable with the coordination and guarantee of the Office. Meticulous planning and management contribute to the efficient operation.

  1. Administrative affairs: responsible for the sites management including the work offices and public area; the financial Management; and the recruitment and training of every JA members.

  2. Equipment management: responsible for the equipment management including all kinds of video and image equipment, PCs and office furniture; and the arrangement and preservation of office materials and resources.

  3. Event planning: responsible for the planning for the activities (the normal meeting, New Year party, basketball match and home parties, etc.), personnel arrangement, equipment and material scheduling; and the organization of activities to improve internal relations.

  4. Public relations: responsible for the public relations with other student organizations on and off campus; and the liaison with internal management departments and external social resources to apply for internal and external resource support.

  “Sit within a command tent and devise strategies that will assure victory a thousand li away”. Your interests and hobbies can be satisfied in the Office. Welcome to Journalist Association Office!