Student Life

Students’ Union of BIT

Students’ Union of BIT


  Students’ Union of BIT (hereinafter referred to as Students’ Union) inherits the revolutionary spirit from its predecessor, and never to lose its youthful vigor to let the red gene handed down from generation to generation in BIT in the vicissitudes of the past century.


  Under the leadership of the Party Committee of BIT and Beijing Students’ Federation and the guidance of the Youth League Committee of BIT, Students’ Union a mass organization of students based on the principle of democratic centralism, which is a faithful representative of the interests of all students in the school, an organizational form for students to participate in the democratic management of the school, the member unit of the All-China Students’ Federation and the presidium unit of Beijing Students’ Federation.

  “Being generous and modest and serving the campus” is the common feelings of generations of Students’ Union, which is always full of enthusiasm and passion to adhere to the purpose of serving students, constantly strives to firmly safeguard the rights and interests and make contribution to the construction of campus culture, and tries to be the bridge and tie between the school and students.

  There are 9 departments of Students’ Union including Students’ Union Office, Organization Department, Publicity Department, New Media Department, Rights and Interests Department, Recreation Department, Sports Department and Academic Department. Besides, there are also 3 organizations namely Sunshine Service Team, International Exchange Center and Ice and Snow (Curling) Club.

  What are you really expecting? The remarkable Shenqiu Singing Competition, the united Basketball League, the glib-tongued Guoyun Debate Competition or the partners with advanced ideas and common goals.


  —— Here, we will provide you with fertile soil for growth and make every effort to achieve further brilliance.

  Maybe, you are good at writing, and want to write down the words to describe what you learn and think;

  Maybe, you are skilled in design, and want to render the landscapes by the keyboard and mouse;

  Maybe, you enjoy communicating, and want to broaden and strengthen relationships;

  And maybe, you have a sincere heart, and want to devote yourself to better serve teachers and students and safeguard their rights and interests.


  —— Here, instead of being a spectator or participant, you can be a planner and executor, unleashing your potential and making your vision a reality.


  We are pious, because we believe that efforts will make the miracle;

  We are enthusiastic, because we are alive with ambition without fear;

  We are proud, because we have the courage to overcome the challenges;

  And we are persistent, because we are generous and modest and devote ourselves to serving the campus.


  We will dare to do what we want and will live up to our expectations;

  We will be confident and diligent with high internal quality and external image;

  We will never stop and have the courage to chase dreams;

  And we will remain true to our original aspiration, keep our mission firmly in mind and forge ahead.


  We sail through the waves in spite of the strong wind and tide; we whip the horse to move forward in spite of the difficulties ahead. With faith as the pen, sweat as the ink, and heaven and earth as the scroll, we never stop and down to earth. At the time of the 70th anniversary of founding of our great motherland, we will devote ourselves wholeheartedly to the Students’ Union, undertaking the work of serving the campus, being determined to be a bridge between the school and all students, sparing no efforts to build BIT into a world-class university of science and technology, and making vigorous contributions to the acceleration of the Chinese nation towards the great rejuvenation!