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Graduate Student Union of BIT

Graduate Student Union of BIT

  Graduate Student Union of BIT (hereinafter referred to as GSU) is a mass service organization for all graduate students in BIT, which represents the rights, interests and opinions of all graduate students. With the slogan of “sharpening the stone to quench the gold and developing the spirits to scale new heights”, the aim of “serving the graduate students wholeheartedly”, and the goals of being “the home of students, the school of cadres, the bridge between teachers and students”, GSU strives to follow the characteristics of the times, and makes efforts to carry out various activities to represent the interests of graduate students and safeguard their rights, act as bridges and ties for students, teachers and the school, strengthen self-construction, activate academic atmosphere, advocate scientific and technological innovation, organize social practice, enrich campus culture, and focus on foreign exchange, etc. under the guidance of the Party Committee of BIT and the Youth League Committee of BIT.

  GSU, the most important organization of self-service for graduate students, endeavors to provide every graduate student with various help in study and life, solve problems for the majority of graduate students, and is also the best place for graduate students to exercise themselves, discover themselves, and improve themselves, where graduate students can make friends, exercise their abilities and show their talents and charm. Drawing rich nutrition from Yanhe, GSU takes the rejuvenation of Chinese scientific research and the rise of the nation as the duty to spare no effort to create a harmonious, comfortable, active and encouraging campus environment for graduate students.

  There are 12 departments of GSU including GSU Office, Organization Department, Public Relations Department, Practice Department, Sports Department, Recreation Department, International Department, Culture-exchange Department, Life Rights Center, Creation and Design Center and New Media Center. All departments cooperate with each other and work together to jointly promote the development of GSU and provide various services in study and life for graduate students. Maybe, the road of research is not smooth; maybe, the friends on the same way are in twos and threes; and maybe, the feeling of blank and uneasy is often around, but fortunately, we get rid of what is above and find a better self in the GSU.

  A group of partners with a common goal is gathered here to serve and help others and themselves. The life of a graduate student may be a little boring under the pressure of scientific and academic research. However, GSU has built a platform for you to find new organizations and meet new friends.

  If you have a professional skill, a fresh idea or an executive ability, please join us —— GSU is waiting for you!

  “Sharpening the stone to quench the gold and developing the spirits to scale new heights”. GSU will always be with you to forge ahead.