Working with BIT, CRRC Electric New Energy Vehicle Big Data Joint Innovation Center established

Seek cooperation and work together

Recently, CRRC Electric and Beili Xinyuan jointly established "New Energy Vehicle Big Data Joint Innovation Center". A cooperation agreement has been formally signed by the two sides.

Beijing Institute of Technology Xinyuan Information Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Beili Xinyuan) was established in 2015 and is based on the National Engineering Laboratory of Electric Vehicles of Beijing Institute of Technology. It specializes in new energy vehicle networking applications and services, and is committed to providing information for vehicles. Provide a complete solution.

This strategic cooperation aims to promote the development of big data in new energy vehicles between the two parties, and it is also a key layout for the big data application of CRRC's electric new energy vehicles. By joining hands, what surprises will they bring us?

Make the "battery management system" smarter

After the establishment of the "New Energy Vehicle Big Data Joint Innovation Center", the two parties will give fully play their advantages to make an in-depth research in the construction of the Internet of Vehicles platform and big data mining to provide solutions for battery big data management in the new energy vehicle industry.

Based on the data continuously accumulated from the new energy big data platform, we will continue to promote the reliability of the new energy vehicle battery safety early warning system, and continuously improve the power battery residual value evaluation application system, so that the battery management system can self-manage, learn, and improve itself.

Make a safer travel for the public

How to make public travel safer by giving vehicles "awareness of autonomy", and help bus companies to manage scientifically? Both parties will use data warehouse building and big data in-depth mining technology to develop deeper application scenarios on the market distribution, operating conditions and characteristics of new energy buses, so as to provide a reasonable basis for efficient dispatching by bus companies.

What’s more, the two parties will continue to carry out in-depth research on driving and travel safety in combination with the existing human-vehicle-cloud three-level safety early warning coordination system. A more accurate and reliable improvement plan will be issued by collecting real-time information on driver habits, vehicle conditions, and road conditions to reduce the occurrence of public transportation safety accidents.

The establishment of the "New Energy Vehicle Big Data Joint Innovation Center" will give full play to the resource advantages of both CRRC Electric and Beili Xinyuan, and make a deepen cooperation in the areas of battery safety early warning, travel safety and driving safety. All of these measures will better serve and support the government Industrial decision-making, expanding industry influence, and creating greater commercial value for both parties.