Writing the pen of endeavor in the new era with strong foundation and thick heritage

【Editor's Note】 2022 is the year of the 20th National Congress of the Party and the key year for the implementation of the "14th Five-Year Plan", the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee specially launched a special report on "Welcoming the 20th National Congress and Forging Ahead in a New Journey", which comprehensively shows the achievements made by BIT in strengthening the party's leadership and party building, vividly tells the story of the struggle of the workers of BIT, extensively condenses the magnificent strength of the development of BIT's cause, and greets the victory of the 20th National Congress of the Party with excellent results.


"Seize the opportunity period of the BIT’s development strategy, work hard, and move forward with courage!" In the early spring of 2022, at the annual faculty and staff conference of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences of BIT, nearly 100 faculty members discussed their development plans, started the "14th Five-Year Plan", and sounded the rallying call of the new journey of endeavor!

From the ideological and political education of the Yan'an Academy of Natural Sciences during the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression, to the Department of Political Sciences after the founding of the People's Republic of China, and then to the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences since the reform and opening up, on the "red road of educating people" under the leadership of the party, the strength of the workers of BIT’s Humanities and Social Sciences accompanied the BIT to forge ahead, and they have endured hardships and never changed their original intentions. In 1999, the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences was formally established, and in 2008 it was renamed the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. Since its establishment, the college has always shouldered the important mission of the construction of humanities and social sciences and the cultivation of humanistic literacy, and has successively bred and developed many disciplines such as education, economics, philosophy, literature, law, and linguistics.

In recent years, under the guidance of BIT's "high-quality liberal arts" construction strategy, the School of Humanities of Social Sciences has seized the opportunity, taken advantage of the momentum, focused on cultivating leading talents with scientific spirit and feelings of family and country, condensed the direction of disciplines, introduced first-class talents, increased the reform and innovation of institutional mechanisms, served the school's "double first-class" construction, made great progress in the construction of the teaching team, humanistic quality education, scientific research, social services, etc., and demonstrated the vitality of "high-quality liberal arts" with high-quality leapfrog development results.

Precise introduction of education, activating the source of living water of the school’s the development

On March 18, 2022, a number of experts and scholars, including academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, academicians of the American Academy of Sciences, and senior professors in the field of liberal arts, gathered at Beijing Institute of Technology to jointly take the pulse and guide the direction of the Ministry of Education's major project of philosophy and social science "Research on Accelerating the Training of Scarce Talents in Science, Industry, Agriculture and Medicine ", and the chief expert of this topic is Professor Wang Dingming, a special young scholar introduced by the School of Humanities and Social Sciences in 2021.


The school holding its 20th anniversary celebration in October 2019

Good teachers are the key to the way to educate people. Talents are the key to the foundation of a strong school. In recent years, based on the BIT's strategy of strengthening the school with talents, the School of Humanities and Social Sciences has focused on strengthening the construction of the talent team, focusing on disciplines, and accurately introducing talents, since 2020, it has gathered together 22 young and middle-aged talents with good development potential in the fields of economics and education, injecting strong impetus into the talent team of the school and activating the source of living water for the development of disciplines and the school.

The introduction of talents requires strategic vision, scientific planning, and more importantly, warm services and policy guarantees. Due to the BIT’s flexible talent introduction policy, the School of Humanities and Social Sciences customized talent introduction program, improved the accuracy and success rate of talent introduction. Through more than a year of communication and contact, multiple rounds of discussion and negotiation, the school successfully introduced a number of leading talents represented by Professor Hou Chengqi and Professor Wang Dingming.

"Good introduction policies, a broad stage for development, and the exemplary leadership and active introduction of young teachers who have already joined the workforce have given us confidence and motivation." In 2016, Zhang Chao, a young talent who graduated from BIT, stayed on to work here; in 2021, Lin Wensheng and Chen Qiu, postdoctoral fellows from Peking University, also came to work in the school under the recommendation of Zhang Chao. In the work of talent introduction, the college has played a "combination fist", established a mechanism for attracting talents to all staff, strengthened the incentive of attracting wisdom, gave full play to the strength of teachers in the whole college, discovered talents and introduced talents, created a good atmosphere for everyone to strive to be "a talent scout", and the effect of "attracting talents with talents and gathering talents with talents" has been increasingly prominent.


The Center for Social Science Research holding an academic symposium in September 2021

"Provide policy guarantees and economic support for young teachers to immerse themselves in academics, face the academic frontiers, and normalize the 'one-on-one' in-depth counseling of interdisciplinary seminars, academic salons, and scientific research project declarations...", "Introduction" is only the first step, how to let talents take root in BIT and grow into towering trees is more critical. In September 2020, the Social Science Research Center, the Special Talent Zone of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, came into being, aiming to "loosen" and "reduce the burden" for young teachers, help young teachers to engage in research without distraction, and rapidly improve their scientific research strength.

"Accurate support and counseling, promoting the collision of ideas and multidisciplinary cross-integration, and quickly identifying the scientific research force point are very important for young teachers who have just entered the job." Zhang Chao, deputy director of the Social Science Research Center and both a beneficiary and builder of the center, has a deep feeling. With the support of the Social Science Research Center, Zhang Chao undertook the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the National Science and Technology Major Projects, the National Key Research and Development Program Projects, etc., and obtained a total of more than 2 million yuan in approved scientific research funds, and published more than ten high-level papers in international journals; Xu Yuan, a young teacher, was selected into the national talent program, and has been approved by the National Social Science Fund, the Beijing Municipal Social Science Fund and many other scientific research projects, and the results of the consulting projects have been adopted by the relevant state departments... The results of the construction of the special talent zone are becoming increasingly obvious.

To act with virtue, to learn with virtue, to teach with virtue, and to educate with virtue. Through the organization of new teachers meetings, new and old teacher exchange meetings, young teacher salons, etc., while vigorously carrying out the growth and support of young teachers, the school attaches great importance to the ideological guidance of young teachers and the construction of teachers' morality and teaching style, stimulates the vitality of scientific research and innovation, helps teachers to be the "first button" of their careers, and makes the striving to be a good teacher with “ideals and beliefs, moral sentiment, solid knowledge and benevolence”, a guide for students to temper their character, learn knowledge, innovate and contribute to the motherland to be their common value pursuits.

"Young talents are an important component of the national strategic talent force, and we must give young people more trust, better help, and more powerful support, and support young talents to pick the beam and be the protagonist, give full play to the role of young talents, ignite the development engine of the college, and help the high-quality development of the school. " Li Jian, dean of the School of Humanities Social Sciences, said.

Educating people with humanities, creating a humanistic quality education field

“Looking at the beauty who played the piano, her expression was leisurely and calm, at this time, there was no sound, and there was a silence between heaven and earth. The beauty's fingers, at the moment when they touched the cold strings, seemed to have infinite affection spreading from the strings.” One person, one table, one piano, the sound of the guqin, the pronunciation of Truss Strings. In the "Qindao and Aesthetics" class carried out by the Humanistic Quality Education Teaching Practice Center, the lecturer Qu Xiangzhu deeply excavated the cultural heritage and aesthetic connotation of Chinese music, and led the students to feel the profound Chinese excellent traditional culture.

Behave well first and then learn later, we must revere virtue and reason, literature and art, and more enlighten the mind. The greatness of the university lies in the gathering of great scholars, in the achievement of great knowledge, and in the cultivation of students in university. In recent years, as the leading unit of humanistic quality education in the school, the Humanities Quality Teaching and Research Department has focused on cultivating students' main spirit and sound personality, creating a humanistic quality education field with distinctive BIT characteristics, and launching a number of humanistic quality education courses that are "sought after" by students.


"More than 170 humanities and arts courses are offered every year, covering more than 8,000 students. Rushing for classes has become the norm for practical courses in humanistic quality education.” Xu Xin, deputy dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences and deputy director of the Department of Humanities Quality Teaching and Research, introduced. In recent years, the Department of Humanities Quality Education and Research has built a number of literature and art courses around traditional Chinese culture and traditional aesthetics, and courses such as "The Beauty of Chinese Music", "Qindao and Aesthetics", "Odor Aesthetics and Xiangdao", and "Space Aesthetics and Flower Tao" have been hot. In May 2021, the case of aesthetic education reform and innovation won the first prize of the National College Students Art Exhibition.

Teacher Tuo Ao, who conquers people with sound art, Teacher Jiang Nan, who interprets the beauty of humanities and naturalism, Jia Jinli, who organically integrates science and art, and Jiang Yang, who builds a bridge between science and humanities... Courses full of literary and artistic connotations, "humanities speakers" bring high-quality humanistic quality education to students. Behind the high-quality curriculum, it is inseparable from the ultimate intention and innovation of high-level teaching teachers. In recent years, the Humanities Quality Teaching and Research Department has taken many measures to strengthen the construction of the teaching team of the Humanistic Quality Course, and helped improve the level of the teaching team through the participation of external aesthetic education teachers in the implementation of the curriculum, seminars, exchanges, research and visits, and other forms.

A university of tastes, a university of vitality, should also be a university of beauty. How to give full play to the function of aesthetic education, so that more students, especially science and engineering students, can cultivate aesthetic feelings, nourish the vitality of life, cultivate creative thinking and inspire inspiration in cultural and artistic experiences? On the basis of doing a good job in the first classroom, the Humanities Quality Teaching and Research Department carries out literary and artistic activities for the whole BIT, turning the beautiful BIT into a large classroom for humanistic and aesthetic education, educating people with beauty and humanity.


In September 2021, the "Moon Illuminating North Lake" Mid-Autumn Festival Art Gathering being held in Liangxiang Campus

Poetry pairing, blessing and wishing, bridge riddles, tea tasting, ink books to send nostalgia... In September 2021, the "Moon Illuminating North Lake" Mid-Autumn Festival Art Gathering activity was held on the west bank of the North Lake of Liangxiang Campus. The activity reproduced "incense, tea, piano, poetry, and books", leading students to revisit the ancient spiritual home of classics. Since the beginning of this year, activities such as "Moments of the Year, The Spring Equinox " and " Moments of the Year, Qingming " have been carried out one after another. In May, the artistic "Piano corner" will open soon. Rich and high-quality courses, elegant activities, coupled with a beautiful environment, give students the edification of beauty, make every corner of the campus full of cultural charm and become an aesthetic education classroom.

Aesthetic education is the need of the times. In recent years, the college has anchored the highland, innovated practice, and continuously promoted the "quality upgrading" of humanistic quality education. In September 2021, the Interdisciplinary Research Center for Humanities was established, which built a teaching and research platform and a think tank platform for the leapfrog development of the humanities field of BIT. The Humanities Quality Teaching and Research Department will take the center as the starting point to further strengthen exchanges and cooperation with top universities at home and abroad, expand new teaching and research forms, improve teaching capabilities, help BIT's "new liberal arts" and "double first-class" construction, and cultivate innovative talents with both humanistic literacy and scientific quality.

Be ready to empower and gather strong impetus for career development


"As psychological workers, when the country needs us most, we must be unshirkable to take responsibility, and without hesitation, we must carry the banner to lead the psychological assistance of the national psychology industry in the special period and help the national epidemic prevention and control battle!" During the COVID-19 epidemic in 2020, Jia Xiaoming, professor of the Department of Social Work of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, led the teachers and students of his party branch to fight in the front line of psychological assistance, demonstrating the mission of BIT workers with practical actions and becoming a model in the field of psychological work in the country.

A light feather is not enough for a roc bird to soar, and one foot is not enough to make a thousand-mile horse gallop. Standing up at the critical moment not only shows the bearing of the responsibility of the BIT workers, but also reflects the remarkable results of the college's "party building leadership". In recent years, the party committee of the college has given full play to its role as the core of politics, closely followed the fundamental task of moral education, strengthened the construction of grass-roots party organizations, promoted the deep integration of party building and career development, built brand projects such as the party building work room, the "double leader" teachers' party branch secretary studio, etc. The party branches of teachers and students and Party members have successively won many honors, such as the national counselor nomination award of the year, the Excellent Communist Party Member of Universities and Institutes in Beijing, the university level model Party branch and so on.


Stop and overlook, the blue waves of the North Lake, the pavilions of the bridges and pavilions are interesting, the mountains are rolling, the green shade is hidden, the breeze is blowing, and the heart is relaxed... Treadmills, spinning bikes, yoga mats... Tasting incense, cooking tea, flower arrangement... when it comes to the cultural space of the college, teachers, students and faculty praise each other. In 2021, the college relocated to the Liberal Arts Group Building in conjunction with the whole and built a new faculty home. Through the careful design and layout of the activity space with a total area of more than 400 square meters on the 7th and 9th floors of Wen III Building and six outdoor terraces, an open and comprehensive cultural space integrating various functions such as reading and learning, physical fitness, conference and discussion, cultural experience and so on has been built.

"Team I of the School won the first prize of the faculty and staff team, Team II and Team III won the third prize, and the School won the excellent organization award!" On December 19, 2021, the school achieved its all-time best in the Campus Marathon. Most of the humanities teachers have no scientific research team, no laboratory, and there are more discipline directions in the college, so it has become the focus of the work of the trade union entrusted by the party committee of the school to unite people's hearts and minds. The school has successively set up a number of interest groups such as badminton, basketball, swimming, etc., carried out major festivals, key teachers care and support and other activities, created a warm and harmonious home culture, and created a good atmosphere of "Nearby ones enjoy, and far ones come"! In November 2021, the college trade union was awarded the "Advanced Faculty & Staff Family" by the Beijing Education Trade Union.

In recent years, the party committee of the school has taken the trade union as the carrier, insisted that the party and government workers jointly build the home of the faculty and staff, gathered people's hearts, gathered strength, strengthened services, and carried out various special activities for the most direct and realistic problems that the masses of workers are most concerned about, and guided the majority of faculty and staff to make contributions to a new era.


"At the moment of the epidemic, it is impossible to interview offline, and the Students’ Home provides us with professional interview equipment, formal clothing, and a warm environment, which is really intimate and heartwarming." Zhang Wei, a graduate student in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, shared his feelings. Over the years, it has always been the consensus of the whole college to create a good atmosphere for educating people and improve students' sense of belonging, sense of gain and happiness in school and life. In recent years, the college has successively built high-demand and heart-warming software and hardware service facilities such as "Lakeside Schoolhouse - 24-hour Shared Self-study Room", student home, love message board, etc., which have solved the urgent needs of students' learning and scientific research, employment interviews, double creation seminars, group work, and feedback.

"Industry is based on talents, and the country is based on talents. The college Party committee adheres to condensing strength with culture and inspiring people with career, and guides the majority of teachers and students to concentrate and make progress, which has gathered surging power for the construction of high-quality liberal arts in the BIT!" Lou Xiuhong, Secretary of the Party Committee of the school, said.

People prosper the family and the country, and literature is popular in the world. People pursue their dreams and youth. On the new journey of building a world-class university with Chinese characteristics, the School of Humanities and Social Sciences will deeply cultivate the construction of new liberal arts, contribute humanistic wisdom and shine a new light of the times!