Awarded the Capital Labor Medal! He is the "Flying Eagle" professor of BIT!

Always following the party, forging ahead on a new journey

Recently, the Beijing Federation of Trade Unions issued determinations on the 2021 Capital Labor Award, Capital Labor Medal, and Beijing Worker Pioneer Award. Lin Defu, Professor of School of Aerospace Engineering, Beijing Institute of Technology won the "Capital Labor Medal" in 2021.


He has been deeply involved in the field of intelligent flight, creating a "hero in the air"

He innovated the talent training model and created the champion "Flying Eagle"

He serves the country’s strategic development and builds a “bridge” for cooperation

He is Lin Defu, a professor at the School of Aerospace Engineering, Beijing Institute of Technology.

Committed to innovation, he serves the country's development and construction with science and technology


In August 2020, in Fangshan District, Beijing, a "fire field" composed of four large fire spots is blazing. A combat formation composed of multiple unmanned helicopters quickly took off and headed to the "fire site" to drop fire extinguishing bombs at the fire point, accurately reached the predetermined height and position, and sprayed fire extinguishing fluid to completely extinguish the open flame. It only took less than 10 minutes from the occurrence to the end of the fire. The experts and leaders on the spot expressed their affirmation of the firefighting effect. It was the "UAV Cluster Collaborative Fire Extinguishing System" developed by the team led by Professor Lin Defu in cooperation with technology companies such as Flightwin to complete this task.

The UAV Cluster Collaborative Fire Extinguishing System (up) and the new fire extinguishing bomb developed by the team (down)

In recent years, the situation of forest fire prevention and control has become increasingly severe. The field is like a battlefield. In order to reduce the loss of personnel and property, Professor Lin Defu led the team to develop a UAV cluster collaborative fire extinguishing system, and carried out multiple rounds of optimization design and tests, and developed a UAV cluster collaborative fire extinguishing system that meets the actual combat requirements within 100 days.

The system can complete the full-process closed-loop operation of detection, perception, decision-making, and disposal in a complex environment, and has the ability to fly in formation on multiple unmanned platforms and coordinate fire extinguishing capabilities. At present, the product certification of the National Emergency Management Department has been completed, and it has been included in the Beijing Forest Fire Fighting Disposal Plan. It has been put into actual combat drills and is undergoing pilot deployment.

In addition, during the development of fire extinguishing bombs, it was discovered that traditional fire extinguishing bombs would cause certain pollution to the environment. Based on the design concept of "green, safe and efficient", the team has innovatively developed a new type of fire extinguishing bomb in cooperation with related companies, which has been practically applied in forest fire extinguishing tasks.

Delivery process of new fire extinguishing bomb

“Corn starch is applied as the raw material of the shell, and it can be degraded in the soil within 6-24 months. Plant protein extract is applied as the main material of the fire extinguishing fluid, and it is free of pollution. At the same time, the fire extinguishing fluid can produce "microbubbles" to isolate the air, ensuring that the ash will not reignite, and there will be no pollution to the soil.”

——Lin Defu

"Replacing manpower, liberating manpower, and enhancing manpower" is the core mission of the unmanned intelligent system, and it is also the goal of the Lin Defu’s team to transform scientific research results and achieve the strategic development of serving the country. "The application of UAV can be said to be 'boundless'. In addition to continuing to cultivate in traditional fields, we are also constantly leveraging our own advantages to innovate in high-rise fire extinguishing, agricultural plant protection, logistics, and the ability to solve operations in high-altitude areas. Research is for the long-term development of the subject, and for the cultivation of high-level talents, and for constantly gathering strength." said Lin Defu.

Educating people with great concentration, the "Flying Eagle" team strikes out to win two world championships

Champion of MBZIRC2017

Defending Champion of MBZIRC2020

Internet + International College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in 2020

This is the growth path of the BIT "Flying Eagle" team

It is also the best commentary of Lin Defu's concentration on educating people

On March 23, 2017, the "Flying Eagles" team of the Beijing Institute of Technology won the championship at the MBZIRC2017 held in Abu Dhabi, UAE!

On Feb 25, 2020, the "Flying Eagle" team of the Beijing Institute of Technology won the championship at MBZIRC2020 held in Abu Dhabi, UAE!

"How to train industry-leading leaders and talents for national key fields?" This is a question that Professor Lin Defu has been thinking and practicing. In 2015, he created a scientific and technological innovation team composed of teachers and students of Beijing Institute of Technology-the "Flying Eagle" team, focusing on cultivating students' innovative ability, team awareness and international vision on large platforms and large projects, which effectively transforms the advantages on R&D into advantages on talent cultivation. A scientific and technological innovation team of college students with diverse disciplinary backgrounds and outstanding innovative abilities came into being and gradually moved to the center of the international stage.

The "Flying Eagle" team is guided by high-level international scientific research competitions and major national needs, condensing scientific problems, and collaboratively carrying out technical research, which greatly enhances the students' frontier scientific and technological research capabilities.

In addition to participating in competitions, students of the team also actively transform the scientific and technological achievements formed in the competition into actual productivity, and serve for poverty alleviation. In recent years, Lin Defu has led a team of students to investigate and connect with poor areas such as Fuping in Hebei, Lvliang in Shanxi, Pucheng in Fujian, and Liuhe in Jilin. In response to problems such as mountainous areas and insufficient labor in poverty-stricken areas, the key technology of UAV clusters and the need for fine management of fruit forests are combined to carry out research and development of UAV cluster precision fruit forest management systems, and a fruit forest precision management system test base has been established in Liuhe, Jilin, to provide intellectual support for helping transformation and development of the regional economy.


Over the years, the team led by Lin Defu

Always face the China’s major needs

With the high-level international science and technology innovation competition as the starting point

The team found a high-level talent training model of “Teaching, Research and Innovation, Learning Technology and Industry", "Double Spiral" integrated with "Teaching + Scientific Research + Technological Innovation" and "Academic + Technology + Industry".

With cooperative development, China's wisdom moves towards the "Belt and Road"

The "Flying Eagles" team won two world championships in the UAE, gaining recognition, respect, and trust. At the same time, it also attracted the attention of the heads of the UAE's education and technology departments. In 2017, Beijing Institute of Technology welcomed a new friend-Hussein Hamadi, Minister of Education of the UAE. On behalf of the UAE Ministry of Education, he extended the hand of friendship for China-UAE education and technology cooperation to BIT, and he also provided opportunities for the team to implement international development strategies.

In July 2017, the Beijing Institute of Technology-Khalifa University of Science and Technology International Joint Laboratory Construction Agreement was formally signed. Both parties will jointly carry out technical cooperation on smart agriculture, submarine oil pipeline inspection, marine exploration, human-machine integration, and unmanned driving in the fields of agriculture, climate, oil pipelines and oceans. In addition, both parties will also play the exemplary and leading role of the joint laboratory to promote all-round cooperation in science and technology, talents, and education.

In July 2017, the team went to the Khalifa University of Science and Technology in the UAE, and both parties signed a memorandum of understanding to build a joint laboratory

In November 2018, the UAE Khalifa University of Science and Technology visited BIT and signed relevant construction agreements

“It is the common scientific and technological strategic need of China and UAE to carry out research on intelligent unmanned systems. We will strive to build a world-class scientific and technological innovation platform in this field, provide strong support for the development of the national "Belt and Road" strategy, and contribute the wisdom of BIT and China's strength to the development of the countries along the "Belt and Road" route.”

——Lin Defu

Lin Defu

Listed in the Talent Project in the New Millennium, Outstanding mid-aged experts, director of the Beijing Key Laboratory of UAV Autonomous Control Technology, he has long been committed to the research of cutting-edge basic theories in the field of unmanned intelligence clusters and advanced technology in the field of guidance and control. He has authorized more than 40 invention patents, published 2 monographs, over 80 papers, and 1 second-class national technology invention award, 5 provincial and ministerial Level awards, and won the honorary title of "National Worker Pioneer".    

Minding the motherland and serving the people

Regardless of fame and fortune, dare to create

Taking on the important task of scientific and technological innovation given by history

To realize the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation

To make greater contributions