100 days until the 2022 Winter Olympics, the wisdom of BIT in the games

Today marks 100 days until the opening ceremonies of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.

At the critical moment of sprinting for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, a group of BITers are passing on the role of BITers in the era regardless of difficulties, never stop exploring the journey of serving the Winter Olympic Games in science and technology. When practicing volunteer service, BITers contribute to the youth power of BIT for the Winter Olympic Games. Let’s see more about the power of BIT behind the Winter Olympics

Contribution of Science and Technology in the Winter Olympics

01 Intelligent training management system down to the muscle

How to get around the flag gate quickly in alpine skiing?

What is the best stance for cross-country skiing?

What is the best position to start ski jumping?

How to train speed skating over the curves?

Huo Bo, one professor of School of Aerospace Engineering, BIT, led the human movement mechanics team and developed the Intelligent Training Management System for Winter Sports based on 3D motion capture and automatic recognition technology, aerodynamic experiment and simulation technology, physiological sensor technology, musculoskeletal dynamics analysis technology, for four types of winter sports, including alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, ski jumping and speed skating.


Analysis of the movement trajectory of snowboard jumpers


Analysis of jumping torque of single-board jumpers

The system provides personalized and intelligent training programs for athletes and can collect the three-dimensional posture parameters of athletes in different sports and the ground reaction force and air resistance in real-time, forming the kinetic database of the athlete, and providing support for the subsequent sports biomechanics analysis and the development of training programs.


In addition, the team also developed the physiological parameters monitoring and sports biomechanics analysis training system, which can realize the real-time detection of physiological signs.


The team at the National Alpine Ski Center

Team leader Prof. Huo Bo

Appointed as "Chinese Snow and Ice Scientist

(Only 18 people in China)


Huo Bo, Vice Dean of School of Aerospace Engineering, BIT, is a doctoral supervisor and a professor in charge of the strong foundation program of engineering mechanics. He is currently a member of the Sports Medicine Branch of the Chinese Society of Anatomy, a member of the Biomechanics Committee of the Beijing Biomedical Engineering Society, and a lifetime member of the International Chinese Musculoskeletal Research Society (ICMRS). His main research areas include sports biomechanics, bone mechanics, cell mechanics, biomedical engineering. He has published more than 70 papers in the mainstream journals in the above fields, including more than 50 SCI-indexed papers. As a leader, he has undertaken several projects such as the Key Research and Development Program of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

02 Build a lifeline for the safe winter Olympics

The gas pipeline network is connected to thousands of households. In the event of a gas leak, a cigarette butt or even a spark from a tire when a car passes by can lead to a fire or even an explosion. During the Winter Olympic Games, the dramatic changes in the flow of people and vehicles affected by the event put higher demands on the safety control of the gas pipeline network.


Yuan Mengqi (first from left) instructing students to do experiments

Since 2018, Yuan Mengqi, a professor of the School of Mechatronical Engineering of BIT has been leading the team to do research on Risk Identification and Assessment Technology for Lifeline System Operation Facilities under the National Key Research and Development Program during the 13th Five-Year Plan. Their efforts provide risk assessment and solutions to ensure the smooth implementation of the Winter Olympic Games.


Yuan Mengqi’s team undertook the research of lifeline coupling dynamic risk assessment technology for the Winter Olympic Games, the biggest difficulty of which is to consider the impact caused by the complex connection between various pipeline networks at the same time.


Demonstration application of gas system risk assessment technology


Demonstration application of risk assessment technology for water supply and drainage system

For example, when the city electricity is damaged, the regulating system of the gas pipeline network will be affected, which will cause a chain of accidents in the city water supply system, traffic system and other series of pipeline networks. The current task is to find the correlation relationship after modeling, give quantitative analysis and solutions.


Pipe network protection structure blast resistance performance testing

The team also needs to achieve cross-application of multiple disciplines, taking into account factors such as emergencies, disaster-bearing carriers, emergency management, social impact, and the age of the pipe network construction. The team also designed a complex system model containing 4 levels and 192 risk indicators to form a coupled risk assessment system for the lifeline system during the Winter Olympics. At present, this research result has passed the assessment of the Winter Olympic Games expert group and has carried out a risk assessment around some of the Winter Olympic venues.

03 Let “ice and snow for all” become “safe ice and snow”

In order to reduce the sports injuries of ice and snow athletes on the field, and to let more people enjoy the fun of ice and snow sports, and to help achieve the goal of "300 million people participating in ice and snow sports" by means of science and technology, the team of Prof. Hu Qiankai from the School of Aerospace Engineering of BIT has taken the lead to undertaking the project of "Wearable Ice and Snow Sports Equipment Key Parameters Testing Technology and Equipment Development" in the special project of "Science and Technology for Winter Olympics" of the National Key R&D Program of the Ministry of Science and Technology since the end of 2020, relying on the two traditional disciplines of mechanics and aircraft design in the School of Aerospace Engineering.


By developing biomechanical intelligent dummies and testing technologies that reflect the characteristics of individual human body segments, the project can restore the typical dangerous moments in winter sports and realize the quantitative assessment of sports risks of different wearable ice and snow sports equipment.

211030(12).pngSchematic diagram of the biomechanical smart dummy reflecting the individual characteristics of body segments

The team performed medical MRI scans on eight athletes in ice and snow sports and six general personnel of different body sizes, collected nearly 1,000 tomographic images for each individual, and composed a complex data acquisition and processing system to measure the motion of 14 body segments of the dummy by installing about 40 sensors on the dummy and taking advantage of the traditional field technology of highly dynamic motion body posture measurement and control. characteristics.

At present, China does not yet have a set of perfect product standard systems, core technology and testing standards, most of which are in the hands of foreigners. Therefore, ice and snow sports equipment mainly rely on imports. The research and development results will form a set of industrial standards suitable for China’s national conditions and international mutual recognition, breakthrough bottleneck technology in the ice and snow sports equipment industry.

04 Let the big ice rink play flash mob

In order to promote ice and snow sports, high-tech technological innovation and product development are indispensable. Zhu Rui, a faculty member of the School of Aerospace Engineering of BIT, led the research work on key technologies for the study of the mobile detachable artificial refrigeration ice rink.


The team made a number of 1m x 6m ice panels, which are equipped with temperature and humidity sensors. The ice rink assembled by such "small-sized" ice plates can achieve the goal of rapid construction of different areas of the rink, but also to achieve full-time all-round ice rink monitoring and intelligent management.


At present, the team cooperates with Huaxi Ice to build a 30m x 60m standard mobile disassembled artificial cooling ice rink in less than 46 hours, with a service life of more than 10 years and a recycling rate of more than 98% for more than 5 kinds of ice sports, such as speed skating.

05 The Never Fading Ice and Snow

Since snow and ice are prone to melt at high temperatures, this will hinder the popularity of snow and ice sports in the region and time, and the integration of the snow and ice industry with science and technology, culture and history. Therefore, the development of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and snow and ice industry urgently needs to develop new non-melting snow and ice materials.


In order to solve the problem of traditional ice and snow melting easily, the student gel ice and snow team under the guidance of Professor Zhang Kai from the School of Aerospace Engineering of BIT has successfully developed a non-melting gel ice and snow material. This new ice and snow material has many advantages such as the sight and feel of natural ice and snow, good biocompatibility, low cost, and reusability. The team has two key technologies to regulate the microstructure to lock the water molecules and the component regulation to create super tough gel ice and snow. The team has developed four major products: ice panels and ice walls, gel ice paintings, ice and snow-themed cafe items and decorative souvenirs.

In May 2021, the project won the special prize of the 11th Challenge Cup extra-curricular academic science and technology works competition for college students in the capital, "Science and Technology Winter Olympics".


The gel snow and ice products will be used in the 2022 Winter Olympics themed exhibition held by the China Science and Technology Museum, local exhibitions and national traveling exhibitions to achieve technological innovation and application promotion in various aspects such as venue decoration, interactive venues and snow and ice culture creation.

Supporting the dream of Winter Olympics with the power of science and technology

In addition to the above projects, there are also many scientific and technological achievements of BIT to help the Winter Olympics

The team of Liu Ming, associate professor from the School of Optics and Photonics of BIT

The team of Zhao Changming from the School of Optics and Photonics of BIT

The team of Hao Jiguang from the School of Aerospace Engineering of BIT

The team of Liu Xiangdong from the School of Automation of BIT

Many technical and scientific achievements of BIT serve for Winter Olympic Games Training

In addition, BIT alumni also designed the Olympic torch for the Winter Olympics, which will popularize the design envision, meet the fire and ice, fly passion, light up the ice and snow, warm the world, to the world.

BITers behind the torch "flying"

The release of the Olympic torch is the highlight of each Olympic Games. The torch symbolizes the eternal Olympic spirit and is also the centralized embodiment of the philosophy and culture of the host country of each Olympic Games.





The 2022 Winter Olympic Games Flying Torch perfectly carries the vision of the Beijing Winter Olympics and China’s cultural heritage, which is even evaluated by the International Olympic Committee as a clever combination of sports and culture, art and technology. Behind the perfect design of the Flying torch is the hard work and sweat of Li Jianye, an alumnus of the School of Design and Art of BIT, as well as his team.


2022 Winter Olympic Games The Flying Torch


Li Jianye, an alumnus of Beijing Polytechnic University, was the designer of the torch’s appearance.

After more than nine months of preparation and many rounds of evaluation by the Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee, the team was finally selected from 182 valid proposals from the whole society to undertake the design of the torch.

The Flying torch, with the ribbon fluttering, illustrates a more confident, modern and progressive China. This is the answer Li Jianye and his team gave to the motherland, and symbolizes the Olympic power of China delivered by every Chinese.

Youthful power in the Winter Olympics

In 100 days, the volunteers of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games will appear at the Bird’s Nest, and the students of BIT will welcome the arrival of the Winter Olympic Games with the most youthful and beautiful appearance and the most vigorous posture.

On October 1, the Winter Olympics volunteer group of BIT organized an educational activity on the theme of Five Star Red Flag, I am proud of you at the Shougang Ski Jumping Platform, the venue of the Winter Olympics. This activity was reported by CCTV News.


Since receiving the service guarantee task of the Winter Olympic Games, the Party Committee of the school attaches great importance to it and carefully deploys it, establishes a special working group, recommends about 250 candidates for general volunteer reserve, technical professional volunteer reserve, etiquette volunteer reserve and city volunteer candidate, and selects about 350 students as interns for the media broadcasting project of the Winter Olympic Games, and efficiently carries out the work in terms of ideological leadership, training and education, and innovative practice to help ice and snow sports. The work is carried out in an orderly manner.

01 Ideological and political education throughout the whole process of service and security tasks


The theme of "Always Follow the Party, Advance to a New Journey" education activity site

The university has carried out various forms of thematic education and ceremonial education to lead the majority of teachers and students to serve the major national strategies and establish a strong belief in serving the country. The school established a practical base of ideological and political education for college students in the Shougang Ski Jump, invited the Beijing Winter Olympics delegation to the school, held three special lectures, and started the in-depth cooperation of the Winter Olympics pavilion school docking. At the same time, the school also carried out the "always follow the party, and advance a new journey" theme education activities and the "Youth Power Winter Olympics" series of activities.

02 Build high quality and strong business volunteer team


BIT students represent Chinese university volunteers to participate in the global recruitment ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games and the Winter Paralympic Games

The university attaches great importance to the training and education of the volunteer team, insists on the principle of "no volunteer without qualified training", and does a good job in recruiting, selecting and training volunteers strictly. Since the launch of the volunteer recruitment and reserve work, a total of 3,834 students and teachers have applied. Through a combination of online and offline training, the school has carried out training on ideological education, epidemic prevention and control, mental health, emergency rescue, volunteer etiquette, helping the disabled and other topic trainings to ensure that all the volunteers have reached the training requirements.

03 Enhance innovation and practical ability in serving and guaranteeing the Winter Olympic Games


Organize volunteer reserve staff to participate in venue rehearsal activities

The university leads and motivates young people to contribute to the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and Winter Paralympic Games with volunteer services and professional strengths. In the summer social practice, 131 groups of the school carried out innovative practice activities on the themes of green, technology and environmental protection. The school also organized volunteers to participate in the Shougang Ski Jumping Stadium comprehensive exercise and the Winter Olympic City Volunteer Cadre Training Camp to improve the overall quality of volunteers in the "real-world exercises".

04 Vigorously promote ice and snow sports and create a winter Olympic atmosphere

211030(27).pngConcentrated training for the reserve of ceremonial volunteers

The university actively promotes ice and snow sports to campus, inviting Wang Bingyu, former captain of the women’s team of the Chinese curling team, and Zhang Dan, a figure skater, to the school to conduct ice and snow sports lectures and popularize the knowledge of the Winter Olympics to students. The university vigorously promotes ice and snow sports and creates good atmosphere for the Winter Olympics, so that all teachers and students can actively participate in the Winter Olympics and share the Winter Olympics.

Media Coverage

With high-quality science and technology supply, high-efficiency result transformation and high-quality volunteer service, BIT has been making great contributions to the Science and Technology Winter Olympics and Smart Beijing. The related work has been widely reported by media such as CCTV News, Guangming Daily, Xinhua News Agency, People’s Daily, Xinhua News and Science and Technology Daily.


Help the dream of the Winter Olympics with the power of science and technology. The sacred fire of science and technology is passed from stick to stick in the hands of BIT people!