BIT students won the first prize of the 7th China graduate future aircraft innovation competition of "Flying Shark Cup"


From November 20 to 21, the national finals of the "Flying Shark Cup" 7th China Graduate Future Aircraft Innovation Competition was successfully concluded in Northwest University of Technology. Three teams from Beijing Institute of Technology entered the finals and won one first prize and two third prizes. Guided by Xie Kan, a Professor of the Academy of Astronautics, and composed of five students including Li Xiang, the "Engine Propulsion Team" independently designed and developed the project of "a secondary flow throat plug engine with intelligent aerospace power regulation and anti ablation effect", which stood out from more than 500 finalists and won the first prize.

This competition is one of the theme competitions of "China Graduate Innovation Practice Series competition". It is guided by the Department of Degree Management and Graduate Education of the Ministry of Education and the Development Center of Degree and Graduate Education, sponsored by the Chinese Society of Degree and Graduate Education and the Youth Science and Technology Center of China Association for Science and Technology, and sponsored by the International Astronautical Federation, China Aerospace Foundation, China Aerospace Society Jointly sponsored by China Aviation Society. Based on the concept of "Innovation changes the future", the competition focuses on aircraft technology innovation, focuses on enhancing the independent innovation ability and comprehensive practical ability of postgraduates, and earnestly cultivates and explores high-quality top-notch innovative talents. The competition started in March 2021 and lasted more than 7 months. A total of more than 500 teams and nearly 3000 postgraduates from 127 universities and scientific research institutes at home and abroad signed up for the competition. Finally, 137 teams from 35 universities and scientific research institutes entered the finals. After the final fierce competition, this competition has produced 17 first prizes, 44 second prizes and 72 third prizes.


Secondary Flow Throat Plug Engine

Aiming at the difficulty that the thrust of traditional solid rocket motors is not easy to adjust in real time, the team of "Engine Propulsion Group" innovatively proposed an intelligent random control "Throat Bolt + Secondary Flow" engine scheme in combination with the thrust adjustment principle of mechanical and fluid solid rocket motors, established the design method of the new engine and made the principle prototype. Simulation and experiments show that the new engine can increase the thrust regulation range by about 40%, the thrust regulation process has small overshoot and short response time, and the secondary flow also has the ability of active thermal protection, which doubles the service life of the engine throat plug. The innovative work provides a new idea for the intellectualization of aerospace power such as round-trip between heaven and earth and reusable aircraft. The team and project works won the high recognition of judges and experts in the exhibition and defense of this innovation competition.


Engine Propulsion Group from School of Astronautics of BIT

Attached are the winners of the finals: