World War Against COVID-19 Pandemic, Youth Voice from BIT

--BIT Teli College and Lingwen College jointly held an online carnival of English speech


“Strength transmits the power of goodness, hope to keep the peace of the family and the country”, the song Brave Heart was sung through the Internet and on and off the screen, which was a touching scene in the online carnival of English speech jointly held by BIT Teli College and Lingwen College.

Currently, the situation of pandemic prevention and control in Beijing is serious and complicated. In the evening of May 24, the English speech carnival themed “World War Against COVID-19 Pandemic, Youth Voice of BIT” was jointly held by Teli College and Lingwen College. The purpose of the event is to further enrich the learning life of students under the closed campus management and promote the integration of pamdemic prevention and control with students’ academic development. Nineteen Chinese and foreign students from two colleges told the story of China’s efforts against the pandemic, the advanced deeds of the school’s teachers and students against the pandemic, and their own study life in the pandemic prevention and control in English, fully showing the comprehensive quality and youthful style of the students of BIT.

Xu Jian, Director of Student Work Department, Wang Ying, Director of International Exchange and Cooperation Office and Director of International Student Center, Feng Huihua, Executive Vice President of Xu Teli College/Future Precision Technology School, Zhang Shu, Secretary of Party Committee of Xu Teli College, and nearly 300 students and teachers from Xu Teli College and Lingwen College participated in the event online. Four teachers, Gong Jun from School of Foreign Languages, Chen Hui from International Student Center, and Mei Bingang and Yang Xiaonan from School of Mechanical Engineering, served as the judges of the competition.

The English speech contest was divided into two parts. 9 international students from Korea, Bangladesh, Pakistan and other countries talked about what they had seen and felt since the pandemic, expressed their support and understanding of China’s fight against the pandemic, and shared the care and concern of the university with their own experiences. The 10 students from the Teli College shared their stories about the efforts against the pandemic and the hardships they faced together with the students and faculty, and expressed their gratitude to the people of BIT who were fighting in the front line of pandemic prevention and control.

The carnival was also interspersed with student talent performances. The international students of Lingwen College performed and sang songs such as Heal the World, Weiwei and Lone Braver, conveying their hearts and expectations with their songs, and the beautiful melodies and melodious songs ignited the enthusiasm of the students and teachers.

In the commentary session of the competition, the four judges commented on the performance of the speech contestants in turn, fully affirming the clear logical thinking of the contestants, the content of the speech with both connotation and form, and the accurate and emotional English pronunciation. The judges also expressed their appreciation to the young students of BIT for their broad-mindedness, their optimism, open-mindedness and tenacity. Finally, 6 students, including Rona (Pakistan) and Liu Danxu, won the Gold Award, and 13 students, including Lanna (Turkmenistan) and Zhang Zhaoxi, won the Silver Award. Feng Huihua read out the list of winning students and summarized the activities.

The online carnival was aimed at “proactive planning, demand tracting, inter-institutional collaboration, helping to fight the pandemic”, and innovated the model of collaborative education of schools in the context of pandemic prevention and control, which was a complete success. During the event, the professional quality, excellent talent and cross-cultural communication ability demonstrated by the Chinese and foreign students of BIT fully demonstrated the good spirit of the students of BIT in the new era.

We firmly believe that with the joint efforts of the university, teachers, students and staff, we will win the battle of pandemic prevention and control and jointly guard the beautiful BIT campus!