Beijing Institute of Technology successfully held the signing ceremony of "Cloud" of Malaysian student base


In order to further consolidate the construction of our high school student source base, improve the quality of foreign students in China and expand the influence of "Studying in BIT", on December 22, our school held a signing ceremony of "Cloud" of international student source base with Malaysian middle schools. Wang Ying, director and Zhao Kun, deputy director of the International Student Center, Liu WanBing, principal of Malaysia Pei Yuan High School, Liao Jingyi, principal of Penang Chinese Girl's Private High School, Wu Decheng, principal and Wang Jinglun, vice principal of Kian Kok Middle School, Huang Jinggui, principal of Pei Chun High School, and nearly 50 representatives of teachers and students attended the ceremony. The signing ceremony was presided over by Shen Jiapei, director of the Foreign Exchange and Enrollment Office of the International Student Center.

At the ceremony, director Wang Ying expressed heartfelt thanks to the principals and teachers who supported the cause of studying in China and international education cooperation of our university. She said that Malaysia is an important source of students for our university to study in China. In recent years, many star students and excellent alumni have emerged, which is the precious wealth of "studying in BIT". Our university attaches great importance to the cooperation with Malaysian high schools. In order to better cultivate excellent talents, during the epidemic period, BIT focused on improving the education service ability of studying in China, improved the modern governance system and created a better education management model by strengthening top-level design and collaborative cooperation. At the same time, Wang Ying invited teachers and students of all schools to gather in BIT after the epidemic and share the warm flowers in spring. Zhao Kun introduced the history, situation, discipline development and training characteristics of Beijing Institute of Technology to the participating teachers and students, and reviewed the cooperation between our university and the four high schools.

Liu Wanbing, President of Pei Yuan High School, said that Beijing Institute of Technology, as a "World-class university", is a world-famous high-level university. With a strong international atmosphere, perfect training mechanism and strong teachers, it is an ideal university for Malaysian students to pursue their dreams. Although we are in a foreign country with Beijing Institute of Technology, the common goal of promoting Chinese education and continuing Chinese patriotism will closely connect the two schools. The school will uphold the spirit of self-improvement and forge ahead, and cultivate more excellent students for "Studying in China" and "Studying in Beijing Institute of Technology".

Liao Jingyi, President of Penang Chinese Girl's Private High School, introduced that the school is the only women's independent middle school in Malaysia. The school has always been committed to cultivating high-quality female talents. It hopes to cultivate more excellent Malaysian women in the fields of scientific and technological development by strengthening educational cooperation with universities such as North Polytechnic.

Kian Kok Middle School is the first independent middle school in Sabah and the first undergraduate student source base of our school in Dongma. Supervisor Xu Ziyi reviewed the cooperation process between the two schools and expressed his thanks for several enrollment publicity activities held by BIT, hoping to recommend the best Malaysian students to BIT in the future.

Huang Jingui, principal of Pei Chun High School, said that in recent years, the number of Malaysian students studying in China has increased year by year. He hopes that China can become the main destination for the students of the school to study abroad. In this context, he looks forward to establishing more cooperation projects with BIT, and wishes the friendship between the two schools and China Malaysia friendship everlasting.


After the speech, Wang Ying, on behalf of the school, signed the agreement on the international student source base of Beijing Institute of Technology with Pei Yuan High School, Penang Chinese Girl's Private High School, Kian Kok Middle School and Pei Chun High School, and awarded the plaque of "Student Source Base" online.

In recent years, the Malaysia School of life has been developed to foster a long-term market for students in Malaysia. The project is based on the "long-term" friendly liaison between key high schools in China and the national training base project of "one belt and one road". A series of education promotion and other measures have attracted many excellent Malaysian students to "study in BIT". In 2020 and 2021, the number of undergraduate freshmen in Malaysia has ranked first in our university. In the future, BIT will continue to promote in-depth exchanges with Malaysian secondary schools, establish a long-term mechanism of friendly cooperation, and escort the training of more excellent Malaysian students and builders of China Malaysia friendship.