Embrace Hope, Be Together --- 2020 "Study in BIT" Panoramic Record


The sun is high as the moon full, and the year sequence is updated.

2020, the year passed beyond extraordinary.

Tears mingled with laughter, joy accompanied by depression, amidst which we confronted the dangers head-on;

Tumultuous journey dotted by umpteenth setups, on which we struggled and ushered in a new chapter.

From spring to winter, through hardships and arduousness,

Original aspiration, adhered to by "Study in BIT",

Leaving too many indelible memories and trails.

Let us relive this glorious history of dedication and struggle together!



Everything plunged into sudden chaos.

Facing life and death and the unknown,

Fear, anxiety and fidgets were our initial response;

Defeating the pandemic and the virus,

Courage, responsibility, and reliability were our hallmarks.

All stand by to build a primary line of defense,

Top concerns for students conveyed via smooth communication across spaces.

In this extraordinary and soul-stirring war against the pandemic,

Through thick and thin, we all authored it in victory!




Although separated far apart, students can still learn online,  

Although in a totally different way, the remarkable effect remains,

The spring semester 2020 kicks off as scheduled,

Gathering all students online into the ocean of knowledge,

Across time zones, overcoming the time difference,

BIT international students are making all efforts to adapt to the study and life during the pandemic.




You may feel penitent for neither gracing the graduation,

Nor formally bidding farewell,

But all those memories make your graduation even more unforgettable.

Online exams, online oral defence, online graduation ceremony, online graduation photo,

Those cutting-edge tech solutions assure BIT international students abroad timely;

Online packing and live-streaming it, graduate certificate delivered all the way back home,

The “Graduation Packing & Delivery” program is thoughtful and warmhearted.

United, you are like a ball of fire; scattered, each of you shine like a bright star,

At this moment please accept our best wishes to all graduate student during the pandemic,

Hope you ever soar higher and get the gold star you’re due.



Faced with the sudden COVID-19 outbreak, BIT innovates new ways for admission and effective promotion.

By holding the “Study in BIT” admission session online 10 times,

Attracting over 4000 audiences on-air, over 6000 viewers watching the video, traversing 47 countries.

Not only does the minuscule studio broadcast updated information to the students overseas;

But also connects their hearts with the school.

With parents on the side, “Study in BIT” is setting out in a creative way.

Establishing platforms, building up outstanding talent pools,

BIT is adopting an all-round and extensive mode of admission.

Online interview vanquishes any geographical barrier,

BIT attaches great importance to student quality during the enrollment process.

Admission ambassadors voluntarily bring campus talk back to high school.

BIT is lightened up both online and offline.

As the adage goes, good friends feel close even when they are thousands of miles apart.

Connected over the “Cloud”, BIT is always by your side.

Over the horizon, the scenic BIT can be viewed whenever you missed her.

Together, we lead the trend and create the future.




Broaden your horizons, know the world,

Five sessions of "Cloud Class" with over 300 excellent international students’ participation,

Through "cloud experience", explore the world's diversity of culture and styles,

Enjoy online learning, make friends worldwide.

Practical Chinese language learning and multicultural communication,

An in-depth understanding of Chinese culture and development changes,

Fully display the attributes and rewards of "Study in BIT".



Left university in the frigid winter,

Yet can not return when summer is gone and autumn is here.

Students within China are lucky to come back on time,

While those overseas can’t know the date for their return.

On the registration day for the new semester,

All international students registered either online or offline.

Online cameras interconnected teachers and students,

Saved seniors/sophomores and freshmen from worries.

Everyone has full confidence in "Study in BIT",

"BIT Dream" sets sail from here!



The campus has restored its vitality,

However, those overseas can’t share the joy.

Wherever you are across the world, we’re ever here for you!

BIT faculties made their solemn promises.

A computer, a camera, a microphone,

Though the pandemic impeded re-entry, their learning dreams were guarded with “Cloud classes”.

We endeavor to ensure them a smooth ride over the cloud.




Firmly, we stand still through the turbulent storms,

Tightly, we hold our hands and join our strength,

Gratitude filled our hearts, bravery propelled us forward!

Thanks to every teacher for their inexorable effort and dedication,

Thanks to every remaining student for their tenacity and resilient support,

Thanks to all BIT international students for their understanding and  certitude,

Forever, here is our home and everything is worth it!

Message from BIT Vice President


Farewell to 2020, an indelible perilous year,

Embrace 2021, a brand new start for all,

Innumerable hardships taught us to cherish the present,

Countless emotions filled us with pride and joy.

Greetings and blessings from BIT Vice President to all international students!

Dear students:

The past 2020 has left us with too many indelible memories. Many would have wet eyes when recalling what they have been through and "life was too hard" was the common voice within their heart. In this very extraordinary year dotted by regrets, pains, pride, and gratitude, we forged ahead bravely and overcome all obstacles along the way.

Reflecting on this year, the pandemic hit us first and then countless ups and downs followed. However, we Chinese people are determined to overcome the difficulties together and have achieved significant results in the struggle against the pandemic. The whole country fought as one, constantly creating world miracles one after another: Chang'e-5 probe successfully landing on the moon, Tianwen-1 mission to Mars, Fendouzhe's manned deep-sea exploration, the measurement of the height of Everest, and the Beidou system's global networking.These are our proud and bright moments. Furthermore, this year, there are no more impoverished counties in China, free COVID-19 vaccine for all, signed RCEP, and the first major world economy with positive growth...These outstanding achievements have filled the world with awe. There are no heroes who have fallen from the sky but ordinary mortals who have stepped forward. Every corner in China has been kept safe and our generation has emerged stronger than ever.

Looking back on this year, BIT, which is celebrating its 80th birthday, continues to write a new chapter in pioneering and forging ahead: talent training and innovation & entrepreneurship education have achieved fruitful results, professional construction and talent teams have been continuously strengthened, scientific research and platform innovation have reached a new peak, foreign exchanges and international cooperation have been expanded extensively, and basic construction and environmental transformation have achieved remarkable results in which all BIT faculty and students have gained an enhanced sense of belonging and happiness. Over the past eighty years of magnificent achievements, all BITers have and will continue to bravely take on the essential tasks of the times and strive for new and more glories on the road to building a world-class university!

Looking back on this year, "Study in BIT" has left countless warm and touching moments. All staff members at the Office of International Students were conscientiously engaged in every pandemic prevention and control work, keeping a close eye on students' safety within China around the clock and always caring about the health and safety of students outside China. We have used a computer, a camera, and a microphone---these simple pieces of equipment in hundreds of classrooms to ensure the smooth live transmission of online teaching across continents. All international students have fully cooperated with BIT's pandemic prevention and control work by complying with various requirements and reassuring both the university and the parents; when the pandemic hit China the worst, you were so concerned about China that you raised supplies, blessed China, supported Wuhan, and worried about your Alma Mater...Although we are far apart, our hearts are closely connected. You actively responded to the practice of offline class suspension with online learning, registered your current information online across time zones, thus embarking on a new journey of carrying on your dreams and hopes.

After what we have been through 2020, we feel like the whole world has been turned upside down with the pandemic affecting each of our lives. At the moment, more than 80% of you are still unable to enter China and return to school and everyone here at BIT is very concerned about you. As the pandemic is still raging around the world, our sincere hope is that all of you please take good care of yourself and your family members and may you be safe and healthy. The more attractive sceneries and advanced facilities on campus will lead to more longing and yearning for 2021. Let us take the gain, courage, and strength of 2020, cherish the tenacity and hope of 2021 so that every step will be marched firmly and solidly regardless of how tumultuous the future ride is.  

Remember 2020, and strive again in 2021!

Wang Bo, Vice President of Beijing Institute of Technology


Winter is harsh and severe, so that spring is on the horizon.

Dear students,

What’s past is prologue,

Whereof future is eagerly expectant,

Cheek by jowl, we rise by lending others a hand,

On the voyage over the sea of stars,

Hang the sails straight and ride the wind and waves.

Welcome to BIT,

Dreams are chasing with you, hope to walk with you.

Remember 2020, and hang in there in 2021!

News Source: Xie Fei

Translator: Zheng Ye, Niu Yanting, Yu Chunxiao, Zhu Weihua

Photography: Office of International Students

Editor: Yan Xiaomin, Qiu Bingjun

Review: Wang Ying