[News] One Student, One Ice cream, Putting BIT into Heart


“It is the happiest thing to have an ice cream to enjoy the summer.” At the end of summer and the beginning of autumn, many Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) students formed a long line in the cafeteria just to receive the university’s “end of summer benefits.”

Recently, in order to continue to strengthen care and concern for students, and to send a chic refreshment to them, BIT organized and launched the first campus cultural and creative ice cream, which was distributed for free to all students, including the class of 2022 freshmen. Small ice cream is combined with BIT’s strong friendship, inheriting the red gene and incorporating the BIT into the heart.


The four flavors of campus cultural and creative ice cream are inspired by familiar campus impressions, such as the hawthorn-flavored “Yan’an Spirit Stone” ice cream, vanilla-flavored “school logo” ice cream, salt-flavored “central teaching building” ice cream, and strawberry-flavored “North Lake Koi” ice cream. The school’s creative ice cream has cleverly integrated the school spirit and culture into the food shape and realized the effect of nurturing teachers and students with excellent culture in a way that teachers and students will enjoy.

“We fully considered cultural education and incorporated the iconic image elements of the school into the ice cream design, hoping that this cultural product would become the sweetest memory of all the students and teachers and stay forever in the treasury of the campus culture of BIT and become a carrier of cultural education on the red campus.” Hu Ruochen, one of the ice cream’s main designers from the College of Design and Art’s “Art Media Studio,” explained.

“Whether it’s the previous Mid-Autumn Mooncake or the current Cultural Ice cream, the school has infused the students’ taste with the school’s unique campus culture, which is both interesting and delicious, and I instantly fell in love with it!” After receiving the ice cream, Lu Xinyi from Mingde College took a photo of it and shared it with her WeChat friends to remember.


The creation of high-quality campus cultural and creative products is an important part of first-class universities’ cultural construction, as well as an important means of educating people through culture and projecting a positive image of the university. The first campus cultural and creative products competition was recently held in BIT, and it is expected that more excellent campus cultural and creative products will emerge in the future to meet the campus cultural needs of teachers and students.