BIT Has Made Great Progress in Continuous Wrist PPG-based Blood Pressure Measurement

News Source: School of Computer Science and Technology

Editor: News Agency of BIT

Translator: Zhang Langbo, News Agency of BIT


Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT), August 31st: Recently, professor Li Fan’s team, from School of Computer Science and Technology of BIT, has made great progress in continuous wrist PPG-based blood pressure measurement. The relevant result “Crisp-BP: Continuous Wrist PPG-based Blood Pressure Measurement” has been used by the international top conference, namely the 27th Annual International Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking(MobiCom 2021). The 2nd year doctoral student Cao Yetong from the School of Computer Science and Technology is the first author of the paper, and another student author is Chen Huijie. Professor Li Fan (corresponding author) from School of Computer Science and Technology of BIT and professor Wang Yu from Temple University of US are advisers.

The international conference MobiCom, which is sponsored by ACMSIGMOBILE and identified as category A conference by CCF, is one of the most difficult and influential international academic conferences in the field of computer. It reviews papers strictly, just uses approximately 30 papers every year and has tremendous influence in academia and industry. The paper written by professor Li Fan’s team is the first paper used by MobiCom in BIT, which has a significant meaning of enhancing the international academic reputation of BIT.

The research work achieves 24-hour continuous blood pressure measurement by using heart rate sensors commonly found in wrist-wear equipment such as smartwatch and smart bracelet to extract characteristics of vascular volume change. In addition, in order to achieve this measurement, the research work also combines the heart rate sensors with deep neural networks. Specific study solves technical problems, including the extraction of arterial pulse signal, the calibration of contact pressure between the equipment and skin, estimate of blood pressure. The relevant research result takes an important step forward in no-invasive and sleeveless continuous blood pressure measurement technology.

Based on the IntelliSense of mobile devices, professor Li Fan’s research team has achieved a series of top research results, such as sensing fitness movements through audio signals sent by smart speakers; identifying the tongue and jaw movements, tracking the movement of hands and detecting driver’s fatigue, smoking and other unsafe states and behaviors through the smartphone's audio sensor; assisting the dementia senior citizens to wash their hands through the motion sensor of the smart bracelet; extracting physiological characteristics and realizing identity authentication through the pulse wave sensor of smart wristband and so on. Relevant results have been published in the top international conferences and journals, including INFOCOM2017, 2019, 2020, 2021, UBICOMP2019, 2020, IEEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing. Part of the research results have formed independent intellectual property, which are of great significance to the development of intelligent perception in the Internet of Things.