Honored with the National “May 1st” Labor Medal! BIT Professor’s Patriotic Deeds

Recently, the All-China Federation of Trade Unions released the 2021 National May 1st Labor Medal and the National May 1st Labor Medal as well as the list of National Worker Pioneer Numbers. Professor Wang Haifu, School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of BIT, won the National May 1st Labor Meda.

Every task I undertake is for the country, and I will do whatever for the research field I love!

——by Wang Haifu

Aiming at the country's major strategic needs, he insisted on independent innovation.

He has been deeply involved in the research field for more than 20 years, setting off a revolution in the industry.

He taught by precepts and deeds to cultivate first-class talents and inherit the spirit of struggle.

He is Wang Haifu, a professor at the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Beijing Institute of Technology.

In 1985, Wang Haifu was admitted to the Department of Mechanical Engineering (now the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering) of Beijing Institute of Technology (now Beijing Institute of Technology) with honors. He obtained a master's degree in 1992 and worked in the school as a teacher after graduating from his doctorate in 1996. After 25 years of concentrated research and persistence, a series of groundbreaking, pioneering and leading innovation results have been achieved, and he also won the second prize of National Technology Invention Award and the first National Innovation Competition Award.

Unswervingly working for Chinese Hi-Tech

"Before 2000, most of researches in my field relied on technology introduction and localization transformation. As a scientific researcher, It was really a pity for me. Why do we have to follow others?" Talking about the original intention of research, all sorts of emotion still surge within him.

In the 1990s, Wang Haifu, who had just stayed in school to work, began his exploration and research in the professional field. He extensively consulted domestic and foreign literature and the latest research trends, hoping to find "clues" from them. After several years of analysis and combing, he keenly captured this innovative research direction. However, innovation research is not easy. On the one hand, it is necessary to verify the correctness of the technical concept, and on the other hand, it is necessary to repeatedly verify the feasibility of the technology. The path of exploration is full of unknowns, but Wang Haifu has never wavered or flinched.

In the past two decades, we have experienced from comprehensive catching up to surpass foreign technologies in this field. This innovative research that we have carried out has further promoted our country's entry into the of a parallel running or leading rank.

——by Wang Haifu

In 2003, Wang Haifu's "Wonderful Ideas" was supported by the National Fund Project for the first time, which provides valuable opportunities and strong support for the technical concept and feasibility verification. On this basis, Wang Haifu was further approved for the support of the National Innovation Plan. Opportunities are always reserved for those who are prepared, and Wang Haifu cherishes this opportunity so much. Based on the previous accumulation, Wang Haifu directly aimed at key technology research and engineering application technology innovation breakthroughs, and carried out in-depth research. "This technology is an original innovation with completely independent intellectual property rights. It is necessary to carry out the transformation and application of the results, and it has very important promotion and application value." During the subsequent project acceptance, the expert group gave a high evaluation. In 2012, Wang Haifu's research project was selected as the "Frontier Innovation Research Decade Original Innovation Model Project". In 2016, he won the second prize of National Technical Invention. From the "wonderful ideas" of technical concepts, to breakthroughs in key technologies, to the promotion and application of engineering development, this embodies the arduous exploration and innovation of Professor Wang Haifu and his research team across the four "five-year" plans tackling key problems.

With a patriotic heart and an ardent ambition to serve the country, Wang Haifu has no distractions for more than 20 years. He has never stopped exploring. Not only has it made a foundational, pioneering and leading contribution to the promotion of this research, it has truly made the sharpest "blade" for the country.

Stay True to the Original Aspiration

Cultivate first-class talents by setting good examples

"Learning to be a teacher and acting as a model. For the training of students, it is necessary to teach professional knowledge and cultivate students' innovative ability, but also to educate and guide students to establish a sense of home and country, and write papers on the land of the motherland." Leaded by Wang Haifu Among the winners of the second prize of the National Technical Invention Award, Beijing Institute of Technology was the only one who completed and won the prize. Not just Wang Haifu, there were three doctoral students of Wang Haifu.

Wang Haifu pays special attention to team building and student training. He often said to students, "You must sit still, settle down, calm and ambitious. Since you have chosen to study for a master's degree or a doctoral degree, you must cherish and seize the opportunity to not waste your time in studying." In the eyes of the students, Teacher Wang is the "first role model" to practice by himself.

Professor Yu Qingbo is the second person to complete the award-winning project. He admitted that it is particularly difficult to win this national award. "During the process of project research, we encountered many problems, even global problems. At this time, Teacher Wang always showed Strong composure and wisdom led us to break through and tackle key problems. One time on a business trip, Mr. Wang closed his eyes on the train. We all thought he was asleep, but when he got off the train, he shared his thoughts with us. They are all thinking about how to solve these problems." Every student in the research team saw from Professor Wang Haifu that they were all their original intentions and persistence in scientific research, and they were all working hard to innovate in national science and technology undertakings. And dedication.

"Ms. Wang specializes in scientific research, has a lot of whims and has strong insight, and his perseverance and enthusiasm for scientific research seems to have become a habit." Associate Professor Zheng Yuanfeng, the fourth winner of the award, said. In terms of postgraduate training, Wang Haifu has his own unique understanding. One is to help students complete the transition from an undergraduate to a postgraduate as soon as possible; the other is to cultivate students' critical thinking; and the third is to emphasize the importance of students' "internal strength". Encourage students to'sit down, stand firm, and walk well'. "

Wang Haifu has been teaching first-line undergraduates for many years. One of the courses has strong interdisciplinary nature, difficult to understand and master, and difficult to observe in the field. Wang Haifu uses virtual reality and interactive multimedia technologies to build a powerful bridge between classroom teaching and experimental teaching, and significantly enhances students' interest in professional courses, teaching quality and core professional capabilities. The project is rated as the first-class national virtual simulation experiment teaching in 2020 course. Regardless of how many scientific research tasks Wang Haifu usually does, he insists on going to the podium to give lectures to the students, and he has never changed. He believes that when professors come to the stage, they must not only pass on knowledge, but also inspire students' thinking, expand their horizons, and stimulate students' professional interest. In the classroom, he will introduce the latest developments in related research at home and abroad based on the content of the lectures, and integrate scientific and technological innovation into teaching in real time.

Every night from 8:00 to 9:00 is Wang Haifu’s "walking" time. "People who do scientific research must have a good body to work for the health of the motherland for 50 years." When walking, Wang Haifu will quietly think about scientific research and guide graduate students. After the problems encountered in academic research have formed solutions and solutions, they return to the office to discuss and communicate with the team teachers and students. In the past two decades, he has trained nearly 100 doctors and masters in the field he studied, and most of the graduates have continued to engage in scientific and technological innovation in the professional field he studied.

Passing the Torch and Realizing the Dream of Strong Nation with Sincere Heart

"For a scientific and technological worker, it is not only a pursuit of value, but also a responsibility mission to apply innovative results to engineering research and development." Every time he witnesses his own innovative achievements formed a unique Chinese power , Wang Haifu couldn't hide his excitement.

As Wang said, One cannot find his direction if he always follow the trend! To engage in scientific research, we must base ourselves on independent innovation in order to have completely independent intellectual property rights, especially in areas involving the country’s core competitiveness. If you don't make up your mind to innovate independently, it can only be controlled by others.

As a native of BIT, the gene of patriotism has long been integrated into Wang Haifu's bloodline and is engraved in his heart. Over the years, he has emphasized technological development in China, overcoming obstacles, and embarking on a unique path of independent innovation that no one has ever walked. The vast amount of literature records the years he has struggled for his dreams; countless experiments have witnessed his cutting-edge innovations from technical concepts to achievements.

"When I first applied the college entrance exam, it is different now when students can have such a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of universities and majors across the country. At that time, we could say that we knew very little about majors, but as long as the country needed I to learn something, I would learn with great concentration. For so many years, I haven't thought about it so much. I just feel that the country needs it and is meaningful to the country. You should make your own efforts and make your own contributions." When talking about why you come into contact with the research field, Wang Haifu's simple words revealed his sincerity to serve the country. He obeyed the state's arrangements more than 30 years ago, and made swords for the country more than 30 years later, Wang Haifu has always demonstrated his innocent heart with practical actions and wrote extraordinary stories.

This is a story that cannot be told thoroughly and is not finished. This is an extraordinary story of self-reliance and self-reliance of science and technology, and an ordinary story of BIT’s commitment to innovation and science and technology to serve the country. Such an ordinary and extraordinary BIT story may never be explained thoroughly, nor can it be finished. This may be a small regret in the story of BIT, but it is a great pride in the hearts of every member in BIT!

★Wang Haifu

Specially-appointed professor of Beijing Institute of Technology, has served as chief designer, deputy chief designer and person in charge of many projects. Authorized 27 invention patents, published 5 works, published more than 130 papers, and successively won the second prize of the National Technical Invention Award, the first National Innovation Competition Award, and the National May 1st Labor Medal.