[Character Close] Teaching Is My Greatest Happiness ——Recording Liu Fang, Professor of Foreign Languages School of BIT

There is such a teacher at BIT who advocates the idea that students' English learning should be combined with the real life. She holds that the subject of English should be integrated and developed in accordance with the school’s superior disciplines. She also emphasizes making the class soulful so that students can feel the real charm of English. She is Liu Fang, professor at the School of Foreign Languages of BIT.

"As long as I have dream in my heart, I have strength under my feet." Each generation take different ways to draw the power to grow and move forward from learning and life. "Teaching and educating is my greatest happiness. Every day with energetic and sunny children, I feel full of hope. " For Liu Fang, a professor at the School of Foreign Languages who has nearly 30 years of teaching experience, the happiness gained from this profession is unmatched by anything else! With this feeling, Liu Fang swayed her youth and felt happiness on the campus of BIT!

Be a Deep Cultivator of Teaching Reform

If a class is not well taught, I will be in a bad mood all day!

As the director of the university English teaching and research section and the responsible professor of English undergraduate teaching, Liu Fang has been committed to teaching reform and curriculum construction for many years. What she always said is to make the classroom more soulful, to let every student feel the charm of English.

Classroom teaching must be close to the actual life of students. Only in this way can language phenomena be transformed into autonomous language ability.

When teaching the course of “College English Audiovisual Listening and Speaking”, Liu Fang will design some hot topics in the teaching and let students have group discussions. For example, guide students to distinguish the meaning of words through issues of allocating medical resources, allow students to organically combine English learning and subject research through the organization of scientific and technological forums…”Only by combining real-life language learning can you burst out infinite vitality and vitality.” Liu Fang explained. Over the years, she has continuously explored new methods and models of teaching reform, presided over and participated in a number of national, provincial and ministerial education reform projects. Among them, the project "Exploring new models of online teaching and improving students' comprehensive application ability in English" won the first prize of the National Teaching Achievement Award.

Be an Explorer of Curriculum Construction

As the course leader and lecturer of the first batch of national first-class undergraduate courses "English for Academic Purposes", Liu Fang will leave students with a literature research assignment related to their majors after each course. To better help students solve their problems, Liu Fang often consults teachers of different majors after class. Generally, she would not give the students the answer directly, but tell them how to find the answer. Although this sometimes has increased her teaching tasks, she is always delighted to this style. “It is better to teach people how to fish than to teach people how to fish. Teaching them how to acquire knowledge is more important than teaching them knowledge. ”

The course “Cross-Cultural English Communication” is specifically for liberal arts students, aiming to teach students to tell Chinese culture in foreign languages, while “English for Academic Purposes” is for science and engineering students to train students' English reading ability and scientific research thinking. In addition, we also offer specialized English elective courses for the whole school, such as “Technical English”, “Business English”, “News English”, etc.

In 2015, Fang Liu presided over the research and reform of the college English curriculum system. She believes that, in today's society, pure English language learning cannot cater for the needs of students for employment and further study. It is very essential to reform the curriculum system for four types of student groups such as science and engineering, liberal arts, international accounting, and arts and sports.

During the three years from 2015 to 2017, we have completed the classified construction of the curriculum system, built over ten new English courses of various types, formed a group of different types of English courses, and promoted language education to better serve the training of talents and the needs of students. The construction of such a curriculum system has quickly showed remarkable results. It turns out that our students have never won national awards in national English competitions, but since 2018, students have successively won first prizes in national English speaking contests and writing contests.

Be a Practitioner of Curriculum Ideology

The development and construction of our Party and the country requires the continuous struggle of generations of young people. Youth is the hope of the country. As a teacher, it is our responsibility and obligation to cultivate more outstanding students.

Liu Fang pays great attention to curriculum ideology and politics. When teaching the “English for Academic Purposes” course, if the teaching content involves the development of national science and technology, Liu Fang will search for scientific and technological hotspots that everyone pays attention to, including  technological breakthroughs in the field of intelligent translation in China, and These technological breakthroughs play an important role in the development of China’s internationalization and the “One Belt, One Road” strategy; the development trend of my country’s new materials and the impact on new industries... In class, students’ ideals of patriotism and rejuvenation of science and technology will continue to be stimulated. She focuses on guiding students to establish a correct outlook on life and values. “Ms. Liu Fang's class not only allows us to feel the charm of language, but also allows us to learn more about knowledge other than English." This is the unanimous evaluation given by students who have taken Liu Fang's English class.

Although we have a shorter language research history than many foreign language universities, the combination of linguistics and translation with the school's superior engineering will greatly increase the depth and breadth of linguistic research.

With the advance of the information age, the study of language disciplines has also undergone tremendous changes. In 2019, the "Beijing Institute of Technology Language Engineering and Cognitive Computing Laboratory" led by Liu Fang was officially recognized as a key laboratory of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. This also marks that the development of BIT’s foreign language disciplines has ascended a new level. Teaching others is also the process of being taught in which Liu Fang is also gradually growing up. The 14th Beijing Higher Education Teachers Award, the 2nd Beijing Institute of Technology T-more Excellent Teaching Award... each honor witnesses Liu Fang's struggling pace and the mark of growth.

Even in ordinary positions, we can make contributions to social progress as well as the development of the school. Like Liu Fang, many BIT teachers with a passionate heart and persistent pursuit of education, silently dedicated and persevered in ordinary jobs. They are the witnesses, pioneers and builders of the new era!