He is the "mathematics coach" who creates "Gold Medal" talents

"Using mathematical knowledge to innovatively solve practical problems, and in the process of constantly discovering and solving problems, we will overcome ourselves, perfect ourselves, and improve ourselves; At the same time, in the teaching of mathematical experiments and mathematical modeling, through teaching practice and feedback, the teaching methods are constantly improved to achieve mutual benefit of teaching and learning. "When it comes to mathematical modeling and practical innovation, he is full of happiness.

Based on teaching, he led the reshaping of the mathematics practice curriculum system...

He encourages innovation, mentoring students in award-winning competitions...

He loves students like his own children and pays attention to the all-round development of students

He is the "Gold Medal Head Coach" of Mathematical Modeling...

He is a master teacher of higher education in Beijing...

He is a professor of mathematics, an associate dean of the School of Mathematics and Statistics...

His name is Li Bingzhao, a mathematics teacher at Beijing Institute of Technology.

Bringing math knowledge to life!

"The infection model of the COVID-2019 is a mathematical model that advances from simple exponential growth layer by layer to a complex mathematical model. From a mathematical point of view, China's epidemic prevention measures are scientific and rigorous..." In the classroom, life problems became Li Bingzhao's vivid teaching case.

Mathematics is the foundation of natural science, and major innovations cannot be separated from the support of mathematics. In 2001, Li Bingzhao stayed at BIT to teach after graduating from the Mathematics Department of BIT, and successively undertook the teaching work of "University Mathematics", "Mathematical Modeling", "Mathematical Experiments" and "Mathematical Methods in Information Analysis". In the more than 20 years of teaching, he has overcome the "abstract barrier", let students learn mathematics well, and become innovative talents with profound mathematical foundation, which has become the goal of Li Bingzhao, a mathematics teacher.


Li Bingzhao

"Mathematical Experiments" and "Seeing the World through Mathematics" focus on mathematical foundations, "Mathematical Modeling Contest Guidance", "Optimization Theory and Method", and "SPSS Statistical Analysis" help students to participate in mathematical modeling, and "Mathematical Models" focus on Mathematical derivation..." When it comes to every mathematical course, Li Bingzhao said as if enumerating his family valuables.

Having been deeply involved in university mathematics teaching for many years, Li Bingzhao gradually discovered that practical and innovative courses such as mathematical experiments and mathematical modeling can help students solve practical problems with abstract mathematical knowledge, and promote students to improve mathematical thinking and innovation ability in the integration of theory and practice.

"The utility of just one or two courses is too small. To make mathematics knowledge 'live', it is necessary to integrate courses into 'groups'!" In order to improve students' ability to use mathematics and realize the deep integration of theory and practice, Li Bingzhao took the lead in reshaping the mathematics practice curriculum system with the cultivation of students' practical innovation ability as the core. A curriculum system that can help students effectively master abstract mathematics knowledge has been established at BIT.


Li Bingzhao answering questions for students in class

"Mr. Li's unique insights and easy-to-understand explanations of profound mathematical principles have greatly stimulated our enthusiasm for learning mathematics. The teacher is great!" There are many similar student comments on the MOOC platform for college students.

After reshaping the innovative curriculum system of mathematical practice, Li Bingzhao did not stop exploring. Since 2016, he has led the team to plan the construction of practical online teaching resources such as mathematical modeling and mathematical experiments. "Mr. Li is from Shandong, with a very forthright personality, and he has no reservations about the help and guidance of the team teachers. It is also under his influence and leadership that our team focused on the mathematics experimental curriculum system and proposed many innovative ideas and methods. "Fang Yongfei, a young teacher of the mathematical modeling teaching team, said.


Li Bingzhao and the team teachers doing the preparations before the course recording

In 2017, "Mathematics Experiment MOOC" was launched on the iCourse Platform; in 2020, "Mathematical Modeling MOOC" and "Looking at the World through Mathematics MOOC" were launched; Since 2017, supporting textbooks such as "Mathematical Experiment Course", "Advanced Mathematical Modeling" and "Compilation of Excellent Papers in Mathematical Modeling" have been published one after another... One course was launched one after another, and supporting textbooks one after another was published, indicating that the innovative curriculum system of BIT's mathematics practice has begun to take shape.

In addition to innovating the curriculum system, Li Bingzhao also made great efforts to improve the quality of classroom teaching, put forward the research-based teaching mode of discussion and questioning, and summarized and condensed the "Three Combinations" principle in mathematical modeling teaching, that is, the combination of classical mathematical problems with practical hot spots, case introduction and theoretical explanation, and the combination of in-class experimental teaching and extracurricular mathematical modeling competition.

0.13%! Cultivating "Gold Medal" Talents

Tens of thousands of teams around the world, two years, two special prizes, with a probability of 0.13%!

Modeling, solving, verifying, writing papers in a limited time, and competing with tens of thousands of teams around the world... This is the "originator of the Mathematical Contest in Modeling" - MCM/ICM. In 2020, Li Bingzhao guided undergraduates Yu Ding Yi, Ren Weiming, and Wang Sichun to win the highest award of the competition, Outstanding Winners, setting a new record for BIT in this competition. In 2021, the undergraduates Pan Jiong, Chen Longfei and Zhang Leyi under the guidance of Wang Hongzhou, Li Bingzhao's team teacher, once again won the top prize in this world's top undergraduate mathematical modeling competition. BIT successfully defended the title in this competition with a winning rate of only 0.13%.


Li Bingzhao guiding student in competition

"Scientific and effective training and coaching mode and a training base with a strong innovative atmosphere are the boosters for us to reach the top podium of the Mathematical Modeling Competition. The careful guidance of Professor Li Bingzhao is a beacon for us to travel in the world of Mathematical Modeling." Yu Ding Yi, an Outstanding Winner of the American Contest in Mathematical Modeling and a 2017 undergraduate student of the School of Mathematics and statistics, said with deep emotion.

In recent years, Li Bingzhao has guided graduate students to win 8 awards such as the National Post-Graduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling, the "Sharing Cup" Innovation Competition of Science and Technology Resources Sharing Service, and the Innovation Scholarship of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and has guided graduate students and undergraduates to publish more than 10 academic papers. The team organizes nearly 2,000 people to participate in various mathematical modeling competitions at all levels every year, and guides undergraduates to win more than 1,000 awards in various mathematical modeling competitions.

Behind the numerous awards in the Mathematical Modeling Contest and the spurt of innovative talents, Li Bingzhao and his team of teachers have been working hard for many years to explore and innovate. In order to make more students feel the charm of mathematics and expand the influence of mathematical modeling, Li Bingzhao's team reorganized the "whole chain" of mathematical modeling innovation activities and put forward a new spiral guidance mode of "guidance-training-competition-guidance-competition-research innovation". This achievement also won the first prize of Beijing Higher Education Teaching Achievement Award in 2013.

Li Bingzhao guiding students

"To promote the continuous development of mathematical modeling, we must not only stimulate students' enthusiasm for innovation, but also have projects suitable for students to participate in. Under the leadership of Mr. Li, we have been exploring the integration and synergy between scientific research projects and the cultivation of innovative talents in mathematical practice since 2013. On the one hand, teachers are encouraged to transform their scientific research projects into innovative mathematical experiments; On the other hand, interested students are also encouraged to actively join in the research topics of the team teachers and generate new research results. "Fang Yongfei said.

Li Bingzhao's team gave full play to the role of the mathematical experiment center where they were located, and developed a mathematical experiment innovation platform open to undergraduates and postgraduates in BIT. The platform brings together the innovative topics proposed by the team teachers, and combines the research topics undertaken by the Beijing Key Laboratory of Mathematical Representation Analysis and Application of Complex Information, and the Key Laboratory of Mathematical Theory and Computing of Information Security, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, etc. A “reservoir” for the innovation of mathematical modeling for college students has been established to provide continuous project support and intellectual guarantee for students to participate in innovative activities.


Li Bingzhao guiding students

At present, the mathematical experiment innovation platform has designed more than 10 mathematical practice topics, such as vehicle insurance pricing model based on vehicle model, data analysis and processing model of photovoltaic power station, prediction and estimation model of oil water content, comprehensive service evaluation model of national fitness, mathematical model in signal processing, etc.

As the initiator of the National College Students' Mathematical Modeling Competition and one of the four mainland universities that first participated in the American College Students' Mathematical Modeling Competition, with the efforts of many mathematics teachers represented by Li Bingzhao, the research on mathematical modeling teaching of BIT has always been in the forefront of the country, forming a distinctive mode of mathematical modeling teaching and counseling.

The "Strict Teacher" is also a "Warm Man"

"I was eager to carry out research at that time, but I lacked understanding of the professional direction, and I didn't know where to start, and I was in a state of confusion and anxiety. Mr. Li was very attentive. After he discovered my state, he took the initiative to communicate and talk to me many times, and helped me choose a research direction according to my situation, which laid the foundation for my follow-up rapid scientific research. " Under the careful guidance and great care of his tutor Li Bingzhao, 2018 doctoral student Gao Wenbiao "overcame" anxiety, and his academic competence continued to grow. With fruitful results, he has won a series of honors such as the BIT Academic Scholarship and the Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Nursing Fund.


Li Bingzhao taking a group photo with the graduates

In the first impression of the students, Li Bingzhao is a "strict teacher", but with the increase of contact, Li Bingzhao is also a "warm man". In Li Bingzhao's view, moral education requires not only to pay attention to students' learning, but also focus on students' all-round development. He encourages students to actively participate in work and activities other than scientific research to exercise their comprehensive ability, and take good care of students in life.

Gao Wenbiao, who first arrived in the research group, is introverted and reluctant to contact and communicate with people. Li Bingzhao encouraged him to be a teaching assistant for "Mathematical Analysis" and "Linear Algebra", and arranged for him to give reports at academic conferences. After several years of training, Gao Wenbiao not only improved his academic ability, expanded his professional knowledge, but also greatly enhanced his interpersonal communication ability. Due to the epidemic, Gao Wenbiao has not been able to go home for the Chinese New Year for three consecutive years. When Li Bingzhao found out, he not only freed up his office as a temporary study space for Gao Wenbiao, but also bought a lot of snacks to ease his homesickness.


Li Bingzhao with the graduates

"Mr. Li is humorous, rigorous, serious, meticulous in her work, and caring for her students. As the instructor of the mathematical modeling team, Mr. Li will give detailed guidance throughout the entire process, ranging from pre-competition preparation, guidance and training, to competition registration and payment process. " By participating in the National (United States) Mathematical Contest in Modeling for three consecutive times, undergraduate Yu Ding Yi and Li Bingzhao forged a deep teacher-student friendship.

With noble quality, warm personality, and superb scientific research ability, Li Bingzhao influences students subtly and loves students as his own children. Since teaching, Li Bingzhao has trained 52 master students and 11 doctoral students, and guided and trained more than 200 award-winning students in the Mathematical Modeling Contest.


Li Bingzhao with the graduates

"As the country pays more and more attention to basic disciplines, mathematics has ushered in the best moment and development opportunities in history. We must, from the perspective of mathematical practice innovation, based on the national strategic needs, stimulate students' interest in learning mathematics and applied mathematics. The ambition is to cultivate a group of top-notch innovative talents with outstanding mathematical ability for the party and the country. This is my responsibility as a teacher and my responsibility as a party member. " In the future, Li Bingzhao will lead the team to build a higher-level and more professional mathematical practice innovation system, continuously improve the ability and level of education, and escort BIT students to have a deeper mathematical foundation and higher outstanding innovation ability.

What I want to say to the party

Learn from history and create the future. As a glorious college teacher, I must adhere to the study of party history, draw nutrients from the historical experience of the CPC's hundred years of struggle, constantly improve my educational ability and level, and devote myself to cultivating more "double leading" talents with deep mathematical foundation.