Down! It's done! Fire! BIT "Wisdom" set foot on Mars!



On May 15th,

The first Mars exploration mission of China-


Landed in a pre-selected landing area

In the southern Mars Utopia Plain

Left a Chinese mark on Mars for the first time

Taking an important step in China’s interstellar exploration journey

In the follow-up,

The Zhurong Mars rover will carry out

Global imaging self-inspection of the landing site

And leave the landing platform

To carry out inspections

Congratulations to Tianwen-1 for successfully landing on Mars!


"Tianwen-1" Knowledge Card

The "Tianwen-1" mission is the first step for

China to independently carry out interplanetary exploration.

To achieve “circumnavigation, landing, and patrol” of Mars through a single launch, that is, Mars circumnavigation, Mars landing, and Mars surface patrol.

Detailed flight mission

The whole process of the mission from Earth to Mars

Can be divided into six steps

The editor will take you to find out as follows!


Six steps for a mission from Earth to Mars


Launch section


Earth-Mars transfer section


Mars orbital section


Mars mooring section


Off-orbit landing section


Scientific exploration section

Tianwen -1

The total weight of "Tianwen-1" is about 5 tons

Composed of orbiter and landing patrol

The landing patrol mainly includes entry module and Mars rover

The appearance of the Mars rover

The Mars rover separated from launch vehicle

Establishing a cruise attitude and flying to Mars

Captured by the gravity of Mars

Becoming a probe orbiting Mars


Appearance picture of the landing patrol

Landing patrol and orbiter separated

After aerodynamic shape deceleration, parachute deceleration

The reverse thrust engine slows down and the landing legs are extended

Through buffer landing on the surface of Mars, the rover released

To carry out inspections


The picture shows a demonstration of the rover separating from the landing patrol and driving to the surface of Mars


The picture shows the appearance of the rover and the lander

In the morning of April 24

National Space Administration officially announced

The first Mars rover of China is named "Zhu Rong"

The full name is "Zhurong"

The first Mars exploration engineering probe of China

There are 13 kinds of payloads in total

Among them, 7 types of orbiters and 6 types of Mars rover

The first Mars exploration mission will

Collect important data such as the space environment and morphological characteristics, surface structure and atmospheric environment of Mars

BIT people escorting

How are the sun and moon celestial bodies connected? How do the stars set their books in the sky?

——Qu Yuan, "Tianwen"

On August 29, 2020, Dean of the School of Automation of BIT

Professor Xia Yuanqing

Guesting on CCTV's "Dialogue" program

The long journey of seeking scientific truth

The pursuit of technological innovation is endless

Behind the smooth landing of "Tianwen-1"

Are people from BIT escorting it!



A comprehensive simulation system for Mars precision landing navigation and guidance control was developed. The results have been applied to the project demonstration design and development of the "Tianwen-1" Mars lander autonomous navigation and guidance control system, and the Mars orbiter autonomous management and navigation control system.

Through the establishment of dynamics and kinematics models of the Mars rover, the problem of communication "black barriers" was analyzed, and the navigation scheme and guidance control scheme were designed to solve the problem of optimal energy consumption during the power descent phase and the problem of visual navigation during the landing phase. The research results provide a theoretical reference for the landing process of the Mars rover.


BIT people participated in the entry process aerodynamic thermal load analysis project of the landing patrol vehicle. The project results were used to predict the dynamic environment of vehicle landing process of the Mars landing patrol, which provided a design basis for the formulation of the entire vehicle's environmental conditions.


BIT people undertook the simulation analysis of the design verification of the pyrotechnic lock of the two-cabin connection unlocking mechanism of Tianwen-1 and the space life verification of the pyrotechnic agent, analyzed the low-temperature failure mechanism of the pyrotechnic lock design process, and the research was successfully implemented for the unlocking task of the pyrotechnic lock, providing technical guarantee.

From teachers and students to alumni

From school to the front line of retributing the country to the sky

Generations of BIT people

Become a forerunner and leader of aerospace power

For the smooth landing of "Tianwen-1"

And make outstanding contributions

The universe is vast, the stars are shining

Forge ahead, chase dreams in the universe

People of BIT

With a rigorous and scientific attitude and

The courage to be self-reliant

Bravely innovating "no man's land"

Struggle unremittingly on the road of "expanding the sky

Demonstrating the grandeur and great ambition, make new achievements!