@ 2022 Newcomers, Your Liangxiang Campus Strategy Is Here!

Celebrate the 20th National Congress and Forge a New Journey

The golden autumn is approaching,

and the new 2022 BIT students have completed their registrations

one after another,

starting a new journey of dream building.


In order to allow freshmen to integrate into campus life better and faster, discover the characteristics and beauty of the BIT campus.

BIT official Wechat account summarizes the places

that everyone often goes to.

Newcomers, come and see!

Introduction to Liangxiang Campus

The Liangxiang campus is divided into four areas,

which are independent and connected to each other.

There is a regular shuttle bus between the campus

and the Zhongguancun campus to facilitate travel.

Shared bicycles can be seen almost everywhere on campus,

so with one bicycle students can appreciate

the beauty of BIT's Liangxiang Campus.


"With a map in hand, I have Liangxiang Campus"!

The newcomers who have taken the map,

come and check in with the "landmarks" of Liangxiang Campus

with BIT official Wechat account!


Study Guide

Liangxiang Campus has modern facilities,

beautiful and elegant teaching buildings,

rich library collection, convenient and practical academy community.

In the future, newcomers will deal with these learning places

for a long time.

Station 1

Teaching Building

The science teaching building on the South Campus

has a large classroom capacity and many public spaces.

The comprehensive teaching building of the North Campus

has a large classroom with a capacity of 100 people,

and is adjacent to the beautiful scenery of North Lake.

The Wencui Building on the East Campus has a beautiful appearance

and new and convenient facilities.


Science Teaching Building (South Campus)


Comprehensive Teaching Building (North Campus)


Wencui Building (East Campus)

If you want to transfer to BIT, it is the key to identify the teaching building and take classes on time. All new BIT students should step on the spot in advance and keep in mind the location of the teaching building and classroom!

Station 2

Engineering training center

A building full of science and technology

has almost contracted all the hands-on projects of BIT employees, metalworking internships, single-chip microcomputers...

Countless interesting learning experiences will be waiting for you here.




Station 3


Liangxiang Campus Library is named after Xu Teli,

the second dean of the Academy of Natural Sciences,

the predecessor of Beijing Institute of Technology,

and is located in the North Campus.


Xu Teli Library Functional Space

Ground floor: General Information Desk, Digital Learning Space, Art Gallery and Concert Hall

The second floor: the first, second and third reading rooms of Social Science Books, Design and Art Space and Newspaper Reading Room

The third floor: the first, second and third reading rooms of Natural Sciences, the Military Reading Room, the Audio-Visual Learning Space and the Memorial Exhibition of the Old Dean Xu Teli

Fifth floor: Library Special Collection Space


In the library, there are 2.814 million book resources,

1.722 million e-books, 9.514 million e-papers,

and 255 databases to meet the daily learning needs of students.

Dear all newcomers, remember to reserve a seat at iBIT

and enter the library with your campus card!

Station 4

College community

Each college has its own community for immersive learning

Public space for passionate discussions

Private space for deep thinking

Bright and spacious community guaranteed to meet your study needs


Jinggong Community (North Campus)

Location: Danfeng Garden C, Liangxiang Campus


Ruixin Community (North Campus)

Location: Jingyuan Garden C, Liangxiang Campus


Qiushi Community (South Campus)

Location: Shutong Garden D, Liangxiang Campus


Gantang Community (East Campus)

Location: Building A, Building 7, East District, Liangxiang Campus


Teli Community (South Campus)

Location: A1 Floor, Zhishan Garden, Liangxiang Campus


Beijing Community (South Campus)

Location: Shutong Garden B, Liangxiang Campus

In the academy community space, in addition to learning, there are also a variety of activities to recharge the mind and cheer up the body!


Sports Guide

To climb the academic peak, a strong physique is essential.

Every year, BIT organizes some large-scale cultural

and recreational activities to enrich the students' extracurricular life.

Come and follow BIT official Wechat account

to explore the BIT youth in cultural and sports activities!

Station 1

South Campus Playground

The playground on the south campus has a 400-meter running track

and a standard football field.

Students can run and sweat freely here

At the same time, it is also the venue for large-scale sports activities

and competitions on the campus.


Station 2

East Campus Culture and Sports Center

The cultural and sports center,

which has won two international awards for its design,

provides good conditions for students to carry out physical exercise.

The gymnasium has badminton hall, table tennis hall,

basketball hall, volleyball hall, standard swimming pool, etc.

Students can carry out various sports activities in the venue.

In addition, the venue also provided important support for BIT's large-scale activities such as the Late Autumn Singing Party and the commemoration of the December 9th Movement Singing Competition.




Station 3

East Campus Sports Ground

In order to welcome the arrival of new students,

BIT has built a new leisure sports area on the north side of Wencui Building.

Newcomers, come and meet your friends for a hearty sports game


Station 4

North Campus North Lake Circular Running Track

On the bank of the North Lake,

there is a circular running track about 1 km long.

The development history of BIT is engraved on it

in the form of spray painting.

Strolling here, you can revisit the "Red Education Road" step by step

and feel the red genes that BIT has inherited for more than 80 years.


Station 5

Dormitory Sports Area

The school has built a number of sports venues near the dormitory area, such as Shutong Gymnasium, Gantang Comprehensive Training Ground,

and basketball courts on the North and South campuses,

which are convenient for students to exercise near their residences.



Life Guide

In addition to study and sports,

the newcomers living in Liangxiang campus often encounter problems

such as Where can I go when I'm sick?

Where do I go for daily school services?

Where to go for leisure after dinner?

BIT official Wechat account will answer you one by one!

Station 1

North Campus Liangxiang Campus Outpatient Department

The Outpatient Department of BIT Liangxiang Campus

was established in 2007

and is affiliated to the BIT Hospital.

It is located on the west side of the comprehensive teaching building.


The outpatient department has general outpatient department, specialist outpatient department, medical technology department (examination, radiology, electrocardiogram, ultrasound, etc.), pharmacy department and other departments. It carries out intravenous infusion therapy, atomization inhalation therapy, as well as various injections, treatment of various surgical wounds, dressing changes, blood collection, and first aid, etc.

Operating hours:

Monday to Friday: 8:00 - 20:00

Saturdays, Sundays and holidays: 8:30 - 16:30

Tel: 010-81382538

Station 2

North Campus Student Services Center

Questions that students encounter in their daily life

can be answered in the Student Service Center,

which is known as a "one-stop service" center.

The ground floor here is the hall of the Student Affairs Center, which can provide services such as re-issuing campus cards, student financial aid, and printing certificates. In addition, there are optical shops, printing shops, and repair shops in the center to ensure the normal needs of students. Student supermarkets, light coffee shops, etc. can satisfy everyone's appetite.


Station 3

North Campus North Lake

Leisure after meal, walk after class

North Lake is the most popular leisure place for BIT workers.

Here, you can stand by the lake and listen to the wind,

or lean on the green willows and look into the distance,

play with the naive goose,

and watch the ducks swim in groups.


Station 4

North Campus Flower Sea

To the north of North Lake

is the beautiful Flower Sea on the Liangxiang Campus.

Flowers bloom differently in each season,

and here you can enjoy the beauty of the four seasons.




Orychophragmus violaceus


Canola flowers


Rose wall


Dietary Guide

Eight major cuisines, cuisines of various ethnic groups

Integrating North and South, everything you need

Nutritious, affordable

Steamy and delicious

"What's for breakfast?

What's for lunch? What's for dinner? "

BIT official Wechat account uses a Liangxiang campus food map to answer your the daily three questions!

Station 1

South Campus Canteen

The South Canteen is located in the southwest corner of the South Campus, close to Boya Garden and Shutong Garden. It provides breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper. The ground floor provides food of general people, and there are also special delicacies such as pancakes, hibiscus eggs, and clay pot soup. The second and third floors are flavor restaurants and cafeterias to meet the personalized dining needs of teachers and students. Various cuisines will provide you with a different kind of taste enjoyment. On the third floor, there is a pastry sales area that provides all kinds of soft and crispy snacks, and the beverage shop sells refreshing drinks such as watermelon juice and sour plum soup.


Single product recommendation by BIT official Wechat account

Dishes Linchpin: Small Hot Pot

Location: The third floor of the South Canteen


The hot pot was tumbling over and over,

filled with the strong aroma of tomato.

All kinds of ingredients blend with each other

and retain their own unique original sweetness.

Dishes Linchpin: Bibimbap

Location: The third floor of the South Canteen


The stone pot sizzled on the stone slab.

Freshly baked authentic Korean bibimbap

always whets the appetite.

The combination of meat, vegetables and eggs

is nutritionally balanced, fragrant but not greasy.

Dishes Linchpin: Boiled Fish

Location: The third floor of the South Canteen


Don't miss it if you love spicy food.

The tender and fragrant fish fillet is drizzled with hot oil,

without scales and thorns, and it is a pleasure to eat.

Serve with rice to unlock the joy of the day.

Dishes Linchpin: RMB 5 BIT set menu

Location: The ground floor of the South Canteen


The "BIT set meal" with is only 5 yuan for decades

The big chicken thigh is oily but not greasy, delicious and salty,

with green vegetables and deep-fried boiled eggs

Delicious and affordable, worth a try

Dishes Linchpin: Affordable luxury meal set

Location: The third floor of the South Canteen


Vegetables and fruits, protein supplements, and colorful salads.

Low in calories, light and delicious,

it supplements the vitamin and protein needed for a day.

Especially suitable for people who exercise!

Station 2

North Campus Canteen

The North Canteen, located in the south of the North Campus, close to the Xutelli Library and the South Gate of the North Campus, provides breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper. The ground floor provides food for the general people, the second and third floors are local restaurants, the ground floor has a convenience store, and the third floor has a milk tea shop. The special night snack in the North Cafeteria provides a variety of choices for students who are looking for food at night, such as grilled fish, barbecue, stir-fry, and pasta. It awakens the tired soul with delicious food.


Single product recommendation by BIT official Wechat account

Dishes Linchpin: Peas noodles

Location: The second floor of the North Canteen


The collision of peas and miscellaneous sauce

brings a wonderful taste experience.

Noodles with moderate thickness and Chongqing's special spicy sauce

will make it unforgettable to you.

Dishes Linchpin: Braised Pork Ribs

Location: The third floor of the North Canteen


Braised short ribs in a casserole,

the meat is full of toughness and the soup is delicious.

Vegetables and corn are interspersed in the middle,

and the meat and vegetables are matched,

and the lips and teeth are fragrant, which is endless aftertaste.

Dishes Linchpin: Curry Chicken Rice

Location: The second floor of the North Canteen


Spicy curry drizzled over rice.

A whole piece of crispy chicken steak with broccoli will

replenish energy and vitality for you who are busy studying,

and seasoned with kimchi, you will feel full of happiness.

Station 3

Halal Canteen of North Campus

The halal canteen, located in the southwest corner of the North Campus, close to Jingyuan Garden and the north canteen, provides breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and is open all day, so that teachers and students can eat at any time. The halal canteen provides ethnic meals, including large plate of chicken noodles, beef dumplings, spicy hot pot, rice noodles with beef roll, braised chicken rice series, special casserole series, special pasta and so on.

Single product recommendation by BIT official Wechat account

Dishes Linchpin: Rice noodles with beef roll


There is a hot breath in the air

One pot and one bowl of rice noodles with beef rolls,

the rice noodles are firm and delicious,

bringing the taste buds a wonderful enjoyment

Dish C: Braised Chicken and Rice


Tender chicken, soft and savory mushrooms,

plus the classic yellow stew sauce

that wards off cold and warms the stomach,

the taste is rich and thick

Dishes Linchpin: Fresh Shrimp Dumplings


The perfect combination of bouncy shrimp and chives

creates delicious shrimp dumplings.

The skin is thin and the filling is large, juicy and warm to the stomach,

so chewy!

Station 4

East Campus Canteen

East Canteen, located between 7B and 7C of Gantang Garden, East Campus, has three floors. It provides breakfast, lunch, dinner, and supper. One of the floors provides general dinner, as well as various types of coarse grains and staple foods, which are nutritious. The bakery on the north side of the ground floor provides a variety of desserts, which are new at different times. The second and third floors are restaurants with local specialties such as spicy hot pot, dumpling meat pie, grilled fish, curry rice, Cantonese roast meat, Lanzhou noodles, bean curd rice and so on.


Single product recommendation by BIT official Wechat account

Dishes Linchpin: Wushan Grilled Fish

Location: second floor of the East Canteen


Fragrant and delicious

Crispy on the outside, tender fish.

There are more flavors such as spicy, tempeh,

and spicy for you to choose from.

Make an appointment with three or five friends for a grilled fish,

the friendship will heat up in the slow fire,

and the deliciousness will bloom on the taste buds.

Dishe C: Xianghe Meatloaf

Location: second floor of the East Canteen


Xianghe Meatloaf has a long history

Thin skin, thick meat, oily fragrance,

a variety of fillings for you to choose

The flavor is unique, one bite,

and the lips and teeth are fragrant

Dishes Linchpin: Spicy Fragrant Pot

Location: second floor of the East Canteen


No spice, no taste! No spicy, no joy!

Spicy and tempting, with meat and vegetables

Affordable and frugal

The temptation of spicy hot pot has always been hard to resist

Dishes Linchpin: Midnight Snack Stir-Fry

Location: ground floor of the East Canteen


Various dishes are recombined in constant stir fry

Salty and sweet, crispy, fragrant, soft, and smooth,

forming the unique taste of midnight snack stir-fry

There are thousands of delicacies in BIT, and BIT official Wechat account only recommends a small part. More delicacies need to be explored and discovered by newcomers. You are also welcome to leave a message to BIT official Wechat account to recommend your favorite dishes!

2022 New BIT students,

the campus life of BIT is far more than that!

Come and explore and start your wonderful BIT life!