Happy birthday! Welcome back, BIT student Liu Boming!

On the Mid-Autumn Festival

The moon is full and the family get together

At 13:30 on September 17, 2021

Return capsule of Shenzhou 12 manned spacecraft

Landed safely in the scheduled area of Dongfeng Landing Site

Three astronauts on the Shenzhou 12 manned spacecraft

Nie Haisheng, Liu Boming, Tang Hongbo

Are in good physical condition

Welcome to the hero’s triumphant return!


Today is not only a day for heroes’ triumphant return

It is also the birthday of BIT PhD student Liu Boming (admitted in 2018)

Let us say to Liu Boming:

"Happy Birthday!"


The 90-day space life of Chinese astronauts has attracted much attention, and everyone has been amazed by it! Liu Boming also served as a "Space Tour Guide" twice, showing everyone the life in space, which is impressive!

Netizens are full of praise for the "ball-view room"

Outside the porthole is the beautiful earth home


What is more enviable is that Liu Boming got out of the cabin twice

The immersive viewing experience made him sigh:

"Wow, it is so beautiful outside!"


In the first class of school

BIT student Liu Boming also showed his calligraphy in space

He’s so versatile!


In addition to these interesting daily routines

What everyone admires most is

Liu Boming can overlook the earth from space

Have a panoramic view of the infinite scenery

The second largest saltwater lake in the world- Lake Urmia which is like a ruby,


Lake Van Golu is as clear as a mirror


The earth we are on is the most beautiful scenery

in the eyes of Liu Boming

And the Chinese Space Station in space is also

the scenery on land when we look up at the starry sky

When the Chinese space station passed through Beijing,

some netizens took pictures of the space station's transit process


The Chinese Space Station at this time is a shining star,

steadily sweeping the night sky

We are looking at the stars, the stars in the sky are also looking at us

The bright night of Beijing is like a sea of stars

Among the thousands of lights,

there is a light belonging to BIT


The blinking place in the picture is our BIT▲

Chinese astronauts chase the dream of galaxy

China Space Station travels around the world

Behind this,

BITers who are determined to make the country have never been absent

Pride! BIT wisdom shining in space!


Shenzhou 12 docking with Tianhe core module▲

The rendezvous and docking microwave radar signal processor and microwave transponder signal processor developed by BIT have continued to contribute to the previous space rendezvous and docking since 2011. In this mission, the relative positioning measurement information was provided for the space rendezvous and docking mission of the Tianzhou-2 cargo spacecraft and the Shenzhou 12 manned spacecraft with the core module of the space station "Tianhe".


Rocket telemetry image▲

Since the high-efficiency video coding and decoding technology developed by BIT was first applied to the Long March rocket in 2005, BIT has continued to innovate and upgrade its products for 16 years and has continued to provide technology and services for the launch of the "Shenzhou" series of spacecraft.


Panoramic video playback demo interface▲

The full immersion virtual reality psychological relief system software for astronauts that BIT participated in the development of the astronauts supports the astronauts to import panoramic and general soothing content, and adjustment of the playback progress by themselves. The psychological relief system can effectively relieve the psychological pressure of the astronauts and ensure the smooth completion of the space mission.


Simulation test▲

BIT has carried out space station engineering related work in the areas of testing and experimentation, tooling design, and human operation simulation. BIT has successively participated in the constant force assembly test of the outer spacesuit backpack of the spacecraft, the design and simulation of the assembly tooling of large cargo in the cargo spacecraft, the simulation of the installation of the semi-sealed cargo compartment pallet, and the simulation of the assembly and disassembly process of the oxygenation wrench in the return capsule.


Technology application▲

In response to the design requirements of pyrotechnic equipment for space station launch and on-orbit operation, simulation verification and reliability modeling theory research were carried out on the reliability design of the Long March 5 launch vehicle engine igniter, providing advanced fire engineering theoretical support for the smooth implementation of the space station launch mission.


Technology application▲

The key technology developed by BIT has greatly reduced the length of the core area of the gas jet and effectively reduced the influence of the gas flow on the launch vehicle. This technology has been successfully applied in the flame diversion trough project in the Wenchang launch site.

Liu Boming, who has lived in space for 90 days and returned smoothly

We look forward to your return to campus soon

We are waiting for you in the beautiful campus with picturesque four seasons!

At the beginning of spring

The willows are green and the flowers are red, and everything is renewed


In the midsummer

The scorching sun is like fire, and the enthusiasm is like song

The rainbow after the rain is magnificent and gorgeous


North goose flying south

With golden wind and jade dew, red maple welcomes autumn


In the severe winter

It's wrapped in silver and jade trees


Isn’t such a beautiful BIT very exciting?

No matter where the students are

The warm and beautiful "home" of BIT

will always be here

Everyone is welcome to go home often!

Here comes the question! Liu Boming chose to come back today. Did he hear that the school offered 32,000+ pieces of moon cakes this year and would like to come back to eat BIT special moon cakes with the students? Liu Boming, BIT calls you to go home and eat mooncakes!