2021 “Knowing China-Intelligence Creates Future” Activity Kicks off

On the morning of July 19, the 2021 “Knowing China-Intelligence Creates Future” activity, sponsored by the China Scholarship Council (CSC) and organized by BIT and Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., kicked off in Huawei Beijing Convention and Exhibition Center. Tian Lulu, Deputy Secretary-General of Secretariat, CSC, Liu Xiao, Deputy Director of Office of International Students, Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges, Ministry of Eeducation, Pan Yinyan, Director of Department of Public and Government Affairs, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., and Wang Bo, Vice-president, BIT attended the opening ceremony, which was presided over by Wang Ying, Director of Office of International Students, BIT.

Pan Yinyan briefly introduced Huawei’s development strategy, vision and mission, focusing on Huawei’s efforts in connection, application and skills of digital technology. She hoped that through this activity, all students could further enhance their cognition and understanding of the social value and benefits brought by the development of science and technology, master more scientific knowledge in gathering, and experience the colorful cultures of various countries in friendship.

Wang Bo expressed his heartfelt thanks to all the participating units for their long-term concern, guidance, support and assistance to the construction and development of BIT. He reviewed the glorious history and historical achievements of BIT, and introduced a series of major scientific and technological innovation achievements made by BIT in recent years to meet the world’s scientific and technological frontier and serve the national strategic needs. He encouraged all students participating in this activity to cherish this opportunity, strive to learn scientific knowledge, improve innovation and practice ability, make outstanding friends in the experience of Chinese culture, and establish solid friendship in unity, cooperation and mutual assistance.

Tian Lulu said that since the social practice and cultural experience activities of “Knowing China” for international students by Chinese Government Scholarship was held in 2015, with the full support of various schools, through hundreds of activities every year, more students have been helped to know China, understand China and fall in love with China, so as to promote exchanges between countries and make a positive contribution to the communication between people. She hoped that through this activity, students could improve their scientific literacy in classroom learning and scientific and technological practice, learn from each other in cultural experience and feeling charm, and get to know each other in after-school activities and communication. She encouraged everyone to work hard to learn scientific knowledge during their stay in China, constantly exercise their skills, and learn more about a more real, comprehensive, and three-dimensional China through walking, listening, watching, and serving the development of their motherland and the needs of the people when they are successful in their studies. Besides, if everyone could introduce their knowledge about China to more people, China would be more known and understood by the world.

Liu Xiao said that in order to enrich the study and life of international students in China, the Ministry of Education had created a series of cultural experience and social practice activities including “Knowing China” in recent years, and organized international students to visit and study in all walks of life. While gaining valuable natural, cultural and social experience, it has also deepened many international students’ understanding of Chinese culture and social development, so that they could better adapt to and integrate into their study and life in China. Then, she sent a message to all the students who participated in this activity: first, they should be diligent in learning, study the professional knowledge and skills, experience Chinese history and culture with heart, so as to achieve success and gain in learning; second, they should be good at thinking. Through understanding China’s history and today, development and change, achievements and challenges, they should use their own thinking to understand and analyze, and form their own independent opinions and interpretations; third, they should be willing to share, build friendship in communication with Chinese teachers and students, make progress together in sharing their own views and opinions, and tell the world an objective and real China with what they have seen, heard and experienced.

Rand, from Gabon, a master student majoring in Computer Science and Technology at BIT, gave a speech as a student representative. He shared what he had seen and felt during his stay in China. From the perspective of students, he described the strong scientific and technological strength that BIT has demonstrated in major national events. He issued an initiative to every student participating in the activity to take every class and develop good study habits; to maintain a strong interest in science at all times and to always have a curiosity; to actively participate in all kinds of high-level scientific and technological innovation practice activities to improve scientific and technological literacy and academic level.

After the opening ceremony, participants visited Huawei Beijing Convention and Exhibition Center together. The relevant heads of Department of Management of International Students, CSC, Office of International Students, BIT, Department of Public and Government Affairs, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., and Department of Talent Development, EBG, attended the activities related.

With the theme of “knowing cutting-edge technology and experiencing independent innovation”, the 2021 “Knowing China-Intelligence Creates Future” Activity enables more outstanding international students to deeply understand China’s scientific and technological development achievements and the innovation strength of national enterprises through science popularization visit, lecture explanation, classroom learning, exchange and discussion, hands-on practice and other ways. After various levels of selection, a total of 30 international students from 22 “double first-class” universities across the country who have received outstanding Chinese Government Scholarship were eligible to participate in this event.