International space science and payload competition committee working meeting held at BIT


On 19March, the first working meeting of the Committee of the International Space Science and Payload Competition was held at Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT). Chen Ying, Secretary General of Chinese Institute of Electronics, Qi Guosheng, Vice President of China Space Foundation, Wang Yiran, Secretary General of Chinese Society of Astronautics, Zhang Jun, President of BIT and all members of the Committee of the Competition attended the meeting. The meeting was hosted by Vice President Wang Bo.

On behalf of the university, Zhang Jun welcomed the participants and said that 2022 is an important year for China to move towards a space power and the construction of the Chinese Space Station will be completed, providing a historic opportunity to conduct multidisciplinary, systematic and long-term space science research. BIT, Chinese Institute of Electronics, International Academy of Astronautics, Chinese Society of Astronautics and China Space Foundation jointly organized the “First International Space Science and Payload Competition”. The aim of the competition is to bring together and nurture outstanding space science and payload technology talents and projects from around the world, to promote major scientific discoveries and technological innovations in the space field, and to build an international academic exchange community with space science experiments and payload design as the core.

Prof. Deng Yulin, the executive chairman of the competition, reported the progress of the preparation of the International Space Science and Payloads Competition. The heads of the committee discussed the preparatory work of the competition.

The International Space Science and Payloads Competition, co-sponsored by Chinese Institute of Electronics, BIT, International Academy of Astronautics, China Space Foundation and Chinese Society of Astronautics, will officially launch the registration on April 8, 2022, and open the official registration website ( during the same period. The committee of the competition will provide funding, platform, project cooperation and other related resources to support outstanding projects or teams.

The Party and Government Office of the university, the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation, the School of Life Science and the person in charge of BIT Genshu Technology Company attended the meeting.