Looking back on the Winter Olympics and looking forward to the Future—BIT International Student Winter Olympic Volunteer Webinar was success

On February 20, 2022, the Beijing Winter Olympics witnessed

a successful conclusion,

which carries the good wishes of the world to

embrace each other and move forward hand in hand.

There are such a group of obscure devotees

in this Winter Olympic Games,

who are an important force in the service guarantee and

provide a solid foundation for running

a simple, safe and wonderful Olympic Games.

Little fires like a torch warms this big event.

7 BIT international students participated in and served the Beijing Winter Olympics,

becoming a touching luminous highlights.

On the afternoon of March 25, Office of Internation Students held the Winter Olympic Volunteer Webinar. Over 100 teachers and students, including Wang Ying, Director of the Office of Internation Students, Xie Fei, Deputy Director of the Office of Internation Students, representatives of volunteers of Beijing Winter Olympics, international students and teachers of the Office of Internation Students, participated in the activity online and offline.

By telling their Winter Olympics stories, the volunteers shared their moving and wonderful experiences, and sketch the Shougang Skiing Jumping Platform to the students and teachers to make them feel the atmosphere of the Winter Olympics venue and deepen the understanding of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. All volunteers, in and out of the field, online and offline, insist on doing a good job of voluntary service under the normalized epidemic prevention and control, and welcome guests and friends from all over the world with professional service and full enthusiasm.

Jiang Yongzan, volunteer of 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

Jiang Yongzan (Korean), an undergraduate majoring in Aircraft Power Engineering, is mainly responsible for the volunteer work of seat management during the Winter Olympics. Talking about the understanding of volunteers, he said: “It is to do everything in a down-to-earth manner without asking for return. Before the start of each games, I did not expect to get any “return”. But when the audience left, they expressed their thanks to us, which really moved me. I think it is the biggest “return” of my volunteer activity.”

Wen Cuiling, volunteer of 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

Wen Cuiling (Panamanian), an undergraduate majoring in Industrial Engineering, and Ji Siya (Italian), an undergraduate majoring in Computer Science and Technology, who are in charge of news operations, shared their life and work during the service of the Winter Olympics at the meeting, and told many short stories to share their unforgettable and moving experiences. Tao Tian, a technical volunteer from Bangladesh, said, “Because there are no athletes of my country to participate in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, I have dreamed of participating in the Winter Olympics since I was a child. Although I did not become a competitor, I am also proud of being a volunteer. .I learned Chinese culture and felt the power of China in the Winter Olympics! And I have also shared these with foreign journalists.”

At the end of the Webinar, Xie Fei made a summary, affirming the excellent performance of the 7 volunteers in 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, and expressed his gratitude to them. “They have showed the spirit of international students, and we should be proud of them. I hope all the students will continue to share the story and spirit of the Winter Olympics with their friends and students, so that they can understand the wonderful moments of the Winter Olympics, and become the messenger of Chinese culture and the bridge to promote the friendly development between China and foreign countries.”

“Snowflakes flying under the sunlight,

in the hometown, in the distance,

are all shining.”

Snowflakes symbolizing unity will surely

float to all corners of the world and

bloom in the hearts of more and more people.

Pure ice&snow, passionate Olympics!

Let’s work together for a shared future!